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My mum told me this when I was younger because I don't remember any of the first part. So 10 years back when I was 3, my mum used to hear me talking to people. Being only young, she dismissed it as imaginary friends. But when it carried to when I had friends over recently and was in year 2, she asked me about it.

She said that all I replied to her question of 'Why do I still have imaginary friends' was "They're not imaginary mummy, they're real!"

So after having no 'imaginary friends' for a year, I was now in year 3. In school I was one of the top students, never having forgotten my homework, never been late, but halfway through the yeari started getting distracted by things in the classroom and was always, what seemed like, mumbling to myself.

My parents got worried and asked me about it and I told them that I was talking to the 'army men'. Worried, they asked me what I meant.

By then, they had realised that the whole time I hadnt been talking to imaginary friends but, in fact, ghosts.

Now heres the history of my house and its grounds. My whole street is built on a field. A field that was convieniently used as a camp for the English soldiers in the English Civil War.

My family at first thought was in danger so was telling me to ignore and wish them away. But I told them that they were protecting me. When I was little I was a VERY clumsy kid. But when was with my ghosts, I wasn't as clumsy.

In some way, they always told me when I was going to be in danger, like crossing the road on my own they would tell me when and when not to cross.

My mother said that they basically saved my life because without them, I could of been dead by now for my clumsyness.

But getting older, I was getting less and less clumsy so one by one, my soldiers were leaving. Having grown up with them around me, I was sad about this. When it eventually came down to the very last soldier, the most quiet one of them (yes I took notice of the small details, I had known them for at least 3 years) finally spoke to me.

I know this sounds all very unbelievable and all but he said to me 'we'll be watching over you, guiding you when you need us' and the day after, he was gone. I never saw the soldiers again but did have other incounts with ghosts, but now I never see them.

So, my family figured I was clairvoyant and clairaudient, but now its as if my abilities just disappeared and nobody knows how.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-03)
Sorry forgot to add this in my first post.
I do know that there will be spirits who will stay with us to help and guide us.
They will start leaving when we no longer need them.
Its means their job of protecting and guiding us is coming to an end.
This is probably what happened to you.
You should be proud because they only leave when you have become a strong person who no longer needs their help.
You should be proud because not many experience what you had with your protective spirits.
I believe they are watching over you in case you ever need them.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-03)
When we are children our Chakras are more open.
As we get older our Chakras start closing up.
Only a few keep their chakras opened.
Chakras are our bodies energy and its how we have and use psychic abilities.
I am not very great at explaining about chakras but you can read, what chakras are by clicking on 'Article ' at the top and reading the Chakra article.

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