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Sighting The Unnormal


I was wondering what the events may be. This happened last year; about 15 16 years old. The first event I'm telling you about is when I was sleeping. I was in a deep sleep and randomly woke up, and for some reason had to look out my door. My door is always open. So when I looked out I could not look away. This thing (not human) was taller then my door about 9ft tall. He had 2 horns that curled up growing off his head. Like one pictures you would see for Halloween. His eyes were black and cold the skin ranged from brunt orange red tan. It just stood their and watched me. Me being stupid was to afraid to look away. When I finally did dart my eyes to my closet doors and back he was gone. Another event happened when I was in the living room with my mom watching tv. Movement caught my attention and I looked over. This creepy girl was standing next to the tv watching me with a creepy smile. Her looks I really don't remember besides the creepy smile. She stood there for about and hour while I looked over to my mom and talked to her and watched "tv". My mom never saw her while we looked in the same direction. This event caught me off guard. I was going into the fridge to get something to drink. When I got in front of the fridge (I did not touch it) this glass container in the top middle of the fridge used for tea packets flew off the fridge. It even hovered in mid air then fell onto the plastic dog food container, bounced up, and landed perfectly without breaking in the middle of the dog food container. I turned to my parents who didn't see it but saw it on the dog food container. They really didn't think anything about it. The container would have broke, and the force to push it of the fridge while no one did it. I always got an uneasy feeling in my room mostly in my closet. My brother even said the same thing. My brother is 10 and has these feelings and sightings as well. Every time I would go into my closet I would feel like its caving in. I would feel like something wanted to hurt me. I woke up with blood on my hands when I had not cuts and a burn on the back of my neck I found that cause it was ichy so my friend looked and said it was a huge burn mark down the back of my neck. I seen and caught orbs in my pictures. Their are tons of them flying everywhere.

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pandibeah (6 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-16)
Well, they finally stoped for now. I just want to know what was going on.
DiamondS (guest)
10 years ago (2013-06-16)
Hey I don't know anything about the rest of what you're talking about but I've woken up with my on my hand, no cuts either. & one day this white spot was on my hand for a few hours, it itched & it wouldn't wash off, I did research & it looked like a type of burn, I think it was a chemical burn. I have no clue how I got either of them, sorry I can't be of much help. But I know what your going through is scary. I hope things work out, good luck:)

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