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I was told to start meditating to help control my gifts, and I did. The first couple of times failed. But, yesterday I tried. I would love to know if this is my spirit guide, and if it worked. When I go to meditate my eyes stew closed and the darkness gets darker until its total darkness. I don't see the pictures with my eyes. The picture is in my head, and I completely forget about the darkness with my eyes. I went in a bright green meadow with one single Apple tree. At the apple tree this angelic, blonde, blue eye, wearing a white shirt and long flowing skirt, and long wavy hair women was there. As well as some passed loved ones sitting on the ground. She told me to look up to the sky while she pointed, then ate an apple. I looked up to the sky and saw nothing besides bright white clouds and some mountains that where not connected. I asked her a question which I saw grey words go across my eyes in the darkness. But the letters didn't make sense. It kind of looked like a computer screen when the letters go across in a show. She then moved her hand to shh me every time I asked. Then I asked her her name. Across my eyes it spelled jimahia. I looked it up and got nothing from it just one post on google for something holy. That was the end of, but during I heard someone talk in the room. I know no one was there, and some one touched my arm. It would be greatly appreciated if you can comment about this. Also, if I can read one of my other stories to help me understand what is going on would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day and thank you very much.

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-02)
If she appeared to you while meditating, then she is probably your spirit guide.

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