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Is It A Dream Or Is It Important


This dream I had was quite odd. It happen a couple months ago. Well I thought 10 extra minutes of sleep before getting ready for school would be useful. I was way more tired today then all the other days I went into a deep sleep right when I close my eyes. I was standing outside my house the outside was foggy, dark, and cool (normal weather for where I live). This thing in a black cape with a black plague docotor's mask walked up with an old fashioned baby carriage and a tv on a stand with wheels. She said that the baby is this stroller was the death of me. I questioned her if I would die from a baby. She told me no she is the other you, and that she would help me in some way, and to watch the tv then she turned and left walking straight into my house. The black cape fell when she walked through the door. I watched the video, and it was saying something to help unleash my full potential. After that I woke up and oversleeped my alarm. I believe that it was just a dream but their is the other side of me that believe's not. I never had a dream like this before, and other people had dreams or experiences like this. I always felt though that women was this women my brother and I saw before. He saw her ounce at the same time as I in different rooms. But I always saw her after that in dream and outside of them. Well, she always wore this old fashioned night gown. Was misty blue, was floating, has no legs, long hair, but you could never see her face. I felt like if I looked at her face it would be terrible.

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