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Too Much Experiences Am I Gifted


I have many questions on my experiences, and if in psychic how to develop them. The start was when I was in 3Rd grade I believe. When I was little I use to believe something was in my closet though. Anyways, I know when something bad will happen. I see these shadows fly across my room. They aren't from windows from how they move I debunked it. I know when someone will pass. I get these feelings that they will. I don't know how to the explain it. I see people in my mind like a picture. I don't see them with my two eyes only sometimes. When I do see them their full body usually. I tell my friend how the spirit died or how they look, and I'm correct more then most of the time. I can't send messages I wish I could. Also, I really want to know about these other experiences. I saw slit of full body spirits even my passed cat running across the floor, a lady in white, and many more. This one spirit really scared me. I was in a deep sleep and randomly woke up. When I woke up on had to look out my opened door (my door is always opened). Outside was this thing it looked human, besides the horns coming out of his head, completely black eyes like black pebbles, and Orange bunt red type skin. He kept staring at me and I couldn't move my eyes in fear he would come closer. When I finally moved my eyes to my closet and back he was gone. Another experience was when I was watching TV with my mom. There was this girl quite short, and was watching me and smiling a really creepy smile. She stated there to the show was over. My mom didn't see her, and I didn't act like anything was there. The last one is I was going to get a drink out of the fridge. When I got in front of the fridge (didn't touch it) the glass container full of tea packets that was in the middle of the cross flew off fell, bounced off the dog food container, and flew in the middle of the container without breaking. It should have broke. I really want to know what this is. Also, if it is possible can I read is it a dream or is it important, because it is too much to put down on this. Thank you.

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