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Bringing Back Abilities. How?


I have always been psychic for as long as I remember. And I'm 62 now.

In middle school I was called "Martian" and avoided like the plague as I would predict what someone would say, if the teacher was going to drop the eraser, what someone did the night before, etc. I was not a popular person and it's where I learned to keep things to myself.

Out of high school I was offered an (almost full) scholarship at a good university in art. I was a very good artist. My parents would not allow me to go to school there because "there were too many hippies". I refused to go to the Lutheran College they selected as I was, and am, an atheist.

Also, out of high school, I started practicing out of body episodes and would, as an example, float above my girlfriend's bed when she had friends over and listen to the conversation, tell them what magazines they were reading, where they put it when they were done, where the ashtray ended up, etc. So, that was the end of that relationship.

So I got drafted. Now that another very long story as I would stay up nights studying Army Regulations and was a terrible soldier (got an honorable discharge in 13 months). Anyway, this ability continued for many years until I went to college at 30 for an Engineering degree. I'm an extremely good engineer as I can think things through thoroughly and extremely logically.

This seemed to be a turning point.

I no longer seem to have much artist ability.

My psychic abilities have been suppressed now for many years. I have occasional moments and can, when I meet someone, "know" the person. I can do this pretty much 100% of the time.

So, the reason for all of this rambling is how do I get these abilities back? Any suggestions?

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arfulruf (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-26)
Ive found for myself that my selfishness and shallow way of living became a thing of the past when I was the one person that my best friend turned to as his mouth cancer came back after 20 years of remission. The day I became his caregiver was the day I grew up. Compassion was found inside myself and spirituality was all I was about. Even though he rejected my beliefs, his passing was easier for me by my newly acquired knowledge. I had to keep all of it to myself. After he passed over, I began to meditate in my darkened closet alone, by myself, and in near total darkness. I also began to try and see auras. As I looked within myself during these meditation sessions, I began to see into the astral world. I also began to see energy patterns while meditating. They would manifest with my eyes opened. I've never known of anything like this even existing. I've seen a lot of the denizens of some other dimension (I guess) in there with me at times. There seems to be more activity in the morning. I'm not sure if what I'm doing is repeatable as I've nobody I'm able to share it with until finding this site. I also have placed a 12in square mirror on the door and also will see very odd activities going on within the mirror as I meditate inside the closet in the dark. I must also admit that my friend's spirit often times will show up in the room with me. It is kind of strange that he actually can smoke a cigarette (who knew the astral realm was like that?) The only thing is that I'm not often able to understand what he is trying to say as its hard to totally clear my thoughts long enough to understand him. They say there are some kinds of rocks or crystals that allow one to hear what the spirits are trying to say. I don't know. All this happen most times as I meditate. All of it goes away when I turn on the lights or open the closet door. It seems that some of the creatures I encounter have the ability to get nourishment from our emotions. I use this to my advantage by only allowing the sharing of the emotion of love with them. That way, I am able to enhance my ability to manifest the emotion of love and that a great way to spread my light and love as I meditate. It is nothing like I expected when I began this way of meditating. It was not something I was trying to have happen. The astral world plays by a different set of rules than this 3D reality we're living in. I've had to find out for myself some of their rules on my own. I'm no child actually I'm retired and I've plenty of time to learn. I've got so many stories that I'd like to post here at this site, I love to learn and there is so much to discover while sitting in the dark with my eyes open. I assume some will doubt, I would be interested to find that others may see for themselves the benefits of meditation in a darkened confined space as I have. Bye for now. In light and love.
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-26)
Hi. I have a question, how do you astral project so easily? Or rather, how did you? I have had experiences where my third eye has opened or I sat my body up in the middle of the night, but it wasn't my body really... I just astral projected before I even knew what it really was and I have no idea how I did it, but I want to be able to do it more and feel comfortable doing it. How do you do it easily?
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-25)
relax mostly. I am um older too but I find my abilities still very active. The key I think is to keep opening yourself up to the energies of the universe. Whether you do this by ritual (my favorite) or meditation you must sincerely offer yourself to the positive energies of the universe- to be used by them in any manner. Also charity work, church work anything SELFLESS will open your body to psychic energy. At one point during the gulf war I was meditating that I had packets of positive energy buried near my heart that I gave to US troops voluntarily. Half asleep one morning I had to ask the astral trooper to leave some of the packets for me as I felt drained by all I was giving. So the removal of these packets was reduced and I felt better physically.

You really don't need and possibly shouldn't read the words of others. This is a private practice. I have formed my understandings through personal experience. Learning from others is not a private matter- it is a borrowed matter and most times colors our experiences. Many people want to be psychic and they read about psychic experiences then think they have had a psychic experience because they have tailored it to something they have read. That's not personal growth- that's not even growth in my book. That's recall and desire.

I can see you now. I don't usually do this but you have so much kindness in you I will continue. Go out into the woods/meadow and sit on the ground, still your mind and ask the plants, ground, birds, air and sunlight to allow you to become one of them. Then feel them pull you into themselves and cherish this moment. When it ends, offer yourself with purity and sincerity to do the will of the positive energy of the universe. You will be amazed at what happens next.

Love and light... Always
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-06-25)
Your (our) psychic abilities are like any muscle we have in that if you don't use it, it will atrophy. So you have to undue years of conditioning and self programming. If you had stayed with art and left engineering alone, you'be be a fabulous artist but not a very good engineer. But you made the decisions you did and that's what life is about; decisions and working through the consequences for better or for worse. Your body is a filter. You know this yourself when you leave your body and can still think, feel, hear and see. So if you want this filter to be more sensitive, then you have to work towards that. Over the years, whether we like it or not, we get "clogged" with life events, dense food & drink, attitudes that close us down versus open us up and so on. Review your life such as it is. How can you open up your mind? Have you picked up a paintbrush lately? You've done the engineering thing. Maybe it's time to reinvent yourself (or reintroduce yourself) to your creative side. I know of some of the best remote viewers in the world and they are all excellent artists. That's because it opens up that side of the brain that also works well with with receiving subtle realm information. Get back into your art, clean up any habits you have that might restrict the flow of energy, rid yourself of as much negativity as you can, including draining relationships. Pick up some books such as ones by Robert Monroe and William Buhlman. Continue your new education. The more you know the better equipped you'll be for making decisions to point you in this untapped direction. You'll only be as good at this by what you put into it. That applies for all of us at any age. We all have psychic abilities. It's just about how much we shut down or pursue it.

Best to you.

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