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My Gifted Son Is So Scared About These Spirits


My son first told me when he was 5 that my friends mother who had passed away years before had walked past us, that's when he was able to sit down and tell me that this has happened since as long as he can remember, he went on to tell me that he got special messages from god that came down through our mirror and on to the wall, he showed me the pictures and they where all about Egypt really and things a five year old would not know, he told me that aliens built the pyramids and they beam messages from a mirror up to the orion stars which later on I found out is right above the middle pyramid. I tried to carry on as normal and while he was at school I looked through all his drawings and a lot where Egyptian with the writing written in perfect mirror writing, ok I was really worried now as I was quite scared for my child. Lots of things happened over the years but never everything scary.

Now my son is ten now and although the messages have stopped, he still sees spirits everywhere he goes, they don't actually move or anything just stand there staring at him, some are injured and there is even some children to. He is getting more scared the older he gets, because obviously he is understanding it more. He won't sleep in his own room, I even have to take him the toilet and that's anywhere not just at home. He says some of the people are tribal men with bones through there the noses etc. I have tried everything to make it go away, hired a ghost team, ask them to leave. He said sometimes they stand around me with horrible faces so I am worried sick for him. He is a lovely kid, he has lots of empathy and knows how people are feeling.

Please does anyone have any advice and will I ever get it to go away? I was thinking of taking him the gp but I don't want them saying he is mental or something which they often do and put kids on meds. Thanks in advance xx

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vardogr (9 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-03)
I'm sorry I'm new and didn't know how to add. To my children I explained them like these scary "demons" are like starved cats who have been trapped in a place with no food aND feel threatened by them whenough they are "seen". They are very dangerous and not to be played with but this helps them feel love in the face of fear when they are seeing things that could be terrifying. Somehow maybe this will help.

Again apologies for new to forum

vardogr (9 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-03)
there is much here of value for you, but I would like to add that I feel you must teach him to control his emotions. It definitely be easier if you experienced similar to him. Somehow he must learn to choose how he will feel, rather than let instincts dictate. This is very hard, even for me at 39. This is also, key.

In regards to fear, should a menacing entity in fact exist, it would use the predictability of fear induced response to control a vessel, especially one powerful enough to reach 'both' realms with senses. I am teaching my children this (8&12, they are receptive)

I am new here, this is the 1st thing of done, please reach me if I'm unsuccessful in keeping up.

Fear is an illusion

❤always wins
Lorelei (2 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-02)
In the viewpoint of a shaman what he is going through is an introduction to the Xapiri (spirits) and is a gift to be cherished. The 'birth of a shaman' they say. Though it is very scary! Most shaman experience great fear in their childhood because of the Xapiri but this fear is important for our growth into shaman.

I remember for me, I had many years where I was fearful of the xapiri and would even curse them for showing me things I didn't want to see. Overtime I started to learn that what they were showing me was important and I found strength in the vulnerability and peace within the fear.

This is my outlook. The fear, though seen as a negative thing, is important for our growth. I can't say if it'll ever end, I still am shown things by the xapiri I'd rather not see, but I've learned how to see the lesson in it rather than the negative. That's all the advice I have at the moment. I hope that he can find some peace in this, I know how rough it is, especially at that age...
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-01)
Our children can vary in abilities.
Your son is an old soul and sounds as if he had a previous life time in Egypt. I know it sounds strange.
The mirror your son is speaking of is a reflected advanced beam of light. Orion belt sounds as if it is the same classification as the Milky way. Roads to the Ancestors.

The idea of mirrors to allow entrances back and forth is real.
Raymond Moody:author philosopher
Psychologist and former head of department of Parapsychology department at UNLV in Law Vegas Nevada USA. Used to hold weekend courses using Egyptian Mirrors to
Enduce an experience with a deceased loved one.
Victorian period:loved one died. All clocks stopped. Mirrors covered so deceased would not get trapped in the mirror.

I have personally found when clearing a haunted location that a mirror served as a door way for two lost souls to travel back and forth.

My husband saw exactly the same thing your son spoke of re the pyramids when he was in Egypt as an adult.
Only he viewed it real time: as an earth imprint which is like watching a movie with the exception
Of experiencing it as if occurring in this moment.

My encouragement is tell your son the truth. That seeing is normal for him. And that not all people see the discarate souls. Bear in mind that the British Isles have a longer history than the USA. More Wars and invasions.
By educating yourself re discarate souls and house clearing. Do your own meditation so you can sense what is occurring. Keep your son in sports like foot ball or cricket or bowling this grounds his physical energy and makes him feel normal with his mates. It teaches him many things for life and helps him enjoy play and share team spirit. Do loads of family outings. Do not encourage computer gadgets.

I have had to do the clearing work for my eldest adult child and my husband has sleeps like a log at home without disparate spirit intrusion. You can click on my user name to read about discarate lost souls and why they are still here.
Get a book by Mary Ann Winkowski.
Google protection methods.
You could also see about speaking to Rhianna crystal priestess in the UK-her back round is a mum healer/Celtic and Egyptian knowledge/ TV presenter. A friend of mine I lost her personal email.

If you want specifics for clearing and protection write one or two scenarios. I will reply.

When your son hits puberty he will go through another change.
Your son will always see to some degree and that is because his energy looks like a light to people without bodies aka disadvantage souls need and want to walk out into heaven but can not due to unfinished business. He may or may not embrace this work but his gift in due course will serve him.
SoulStriker88 (1 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-31)
I remember being scared at his age too... And you're right, a doctor would just put him on meds for overactive imagination. He should have at least one spirit that's his guardian angel, so to speak, although not all are actually angels. But tell him to not give up, that there are so many others out there with his same problem it's not funny.

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