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Melody's Sorrowful End


The story begins when I was a child, I can remember it vaguely. Something about that day didn't seem right as I stretched in bed that morning. Little did I know what lied past my not yet open eyes. I had awoke to find my room looked different, almost like it was a room above a tavern. Then, I heard talking not quite understandable, my heart was pounding in my chest.

The carpet in my room wasn't there, my stuff was gone, one table sat by the window. The room growing colder. Two large male figures sat there waiting getting angrier as the time past. Only a few minutes vanished before my door slammed open. An even larger man entered the room a bag in his hand dripping blood. I heard, "Where's my gold?".

It was the only words I could understand at that moment, yet as I laid there still on my bed fearing for my life. A young woman with a light red hair bright green blue eyes, popped in my head. Along with something my little brother had said only one day earlier. "Her neck is bleeding, she found her head. She liked painting, she likes you. You are the same."

The man pulled the head out of the bag holding it by the hair, why was I seeing this, its not real, I willed myself to believe that I hadn't seen anything. I closed my eyes tight and said there's nothing there. Once I opened them my room sat as I had fallen asleep to it.

I got up and went downstairs, my little brother looked at me weird. Then said, "You saw her too." I know that what I saw that day wasn't the future but I was a vision, one where the victim just wanted someone to know the truth.

I'm still not sure why it was me, or who this woman who got murdered so ruthlessly, but I feel like she would want people to know what happened to her. My brother called her Melody, but that's just a name an infant gave her.

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