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End Of Times


I'll start with dream one which was last Friday into Saturday sleep. It was of planet earth getting hit by a big ball of fire witch looked nearly 4 times the size of earth and as contact was made I was lifted off into a new world which was the same as earth but many years ahead. Of the current time here on earth there isn't much more I can remember from this dream except for that when I saw myself many years ahead of now I was a lot more smarter and was explaining to myself what has just happened I was woken by my alarm going off but when I was lifted into the new world it was like a sucking sensation one minute I was going up towards the sky then I was waking up on the ground and it all looked as it does now only cleaner and more advanced

Dream 2 was Sunday, into Monday sleep and it was me looking out my kitchen window to see a twister, taken out the tall building in Melbourne Australia which was strange because here in Melbourne we just don't get those type of storms but also in this dream everyone I knew was moving into the same block of flats that I am liven in at the moment the strange bit about this dream is that if I look out my kitchen window all I see is gum trees my shed and a basketball court the city of Melbourne is a good 20 km from my place so there is no way I could see it from my place

And dream 3 was Monday, in Tuesday sleep where I was watching the news and volcanoes were going off all over Australia and this also was a strange one because all our volcanoes are dead and won't erupted as this is what I was told in school.

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crucemsanctam (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-20)
The earth will not be destroyed. The Earth hasn't stopped being the "Earth" just because we happen to be here. Planet X, Nibiru, it won't get close to the Earth as it is being speculated. Time is an illusion, you create you're own reality, don't stock up on materials that you won't need the day of tomorrow. It seems that you, my brothers, are forgetting that the Earth is a living being. If you live another day, thank God for it, the universe, what fits your reality. Stop living in fear, Carpe Diem: This end of days hype isn't anything new, just sayin.
JABC (1 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-18)
check out planet x they say its going to get close to earth which will cause destruction start getting prepared.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-09-18)
It's fascinating the various permutations of this but many dreams from near death experience accounts, psychics and even regular people who have little precognition are dreaming about upcoming earth changes/upheaval. Dreams get distorted because our subconscious (which is highly symbolic) is driving the dream, but often the underlying message is clear and in this case it would be: bright object destroys earth (solar flare?), unusual uptick of events like tornadoes and volcanoes in previously unthought-of of places, etc. If you go to the near death experiences webpage, you'll read a fascinating account of the "future" as seen by people who have crossed over and back and it's not pretty:

I personally dream of Mt. Rainier going off here in Washington state, of the earth getting a crack right down the middle, horrific earthquakes, tsunamis and all centered around the end of this year. I also see our current Pres not finishing a second term, war on American soil and a lot more (probably explains why I was at Costco yesterday stocking up!).

We don't know if anything will occur or if they do, when. What we do know, and I've said this before, is to be the best prepared we can be at our spirituality (work on service to others versus service to self) and keeping basic physical supplies on hand (basically proactive, not reactive).

Time will tell.

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