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Out Of Body Experiences And Being Pulled Downward In Dreams


I have had a few instances in my life which I believe are tied together and was hoping to get readers feedback. Please bear with me as it works chronologically.

Instance number 1:

I was probably 13 to 14 years old when I had a dream that I was up against the ceiling and turned over to look down at my body.

Had the feeling that I could've kept going through the ceiling if I chose, but I was worried that I might die if I did. Was not afraid or freaked out. Just felt very calm and relaxed. I can remember vividly being able to lucid dream frequently around this time. I remember there was a period of 1 week where I was able to control my dreams almost before I fell asleep and change it at any time during the dream. This is the only time in my life I consistently went to bed early because of the enjoyment that lucid dreaming can bring.

Instance number 2 When I was approximately 19-20 years old.

Fell asleep next to girlfriend at the time and quickly felt like something was holding me down and I had to fight against it. Tried to wake myself up, and did, but only into another dream state where I was standing beside the bed looking at my girlfriend and I sleeping on my tiny twin bed. Walked over to the bedroom door and down the small hallway to where I was greeted without words by a very spiritual woman (appeared to be) but she had no real distinct features other than giving off a light purple glow and having long shoulder length hair. She was nude, and I remember breasts, but there wasn't a lustful feeling, only a strong sense of calm, love and good. I walked closer and it's as if we melted into each other in what was best described as true lovemaking. It felt different than sex and only felt like an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy and love as if we were tangled together. Afterwards, she held my hand and looked at me and pointed towards where my third eye chakra is. She moved her finger in a circular motion and then pointed to a nearby mirror in the bathroom. When I looked at my reflection, I had a third eye that was like my other eyes but more dominant. When I looked back, she was gone. This is the most peaceful feeling I have yet to feel in my life on this earth or in any other dream. I do not remember getting back to my bed, but woke up feeling as though I had an amazing rest and with a more happy outlook on life. Even though I wasn't open to telling everyone about it.

Instance #3 29-31 years old

In living at a friend's house, had a dream I was above the bed floating and could see myself. Moved towards the door but had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to return to my body or I would give up my physical life and die. Went back quickly.

Instance #4

Within a two week period of the last instance, I had the same "dream" but this time went out into the hallway (through the door without having to open it) and looked down on my roommates sleeping from the area at the top of the doorway. The same feeling of needing to return or I was making a decision to die came over me. Peaceful, not scary at all.

Was under stress at the time in both instances 3 and 4. Have no memory of feeling tingling sensations or other items like others have reported for an out of body experience but that doesn't mean that they weren't present. I just don't recall them.

Current ongoing issue: 32 years old

Most nights I fall asleep right away and end up having a dream within 10-20 minutes which usually ends because I get this overwhelming sense of fear and something negative entering the dream which usually turns to black and is unrelated to the dream. As if you were watching a movie and all of a sudden the screen fades to black. Just a feeling that creeps up and forces me to wake myself usually out of fear. The feeling that also comes with it is a pulling (usually downward like through the floor very quickly) and I usually fight it off and try to wake up and stay awake for 3-5 minutes to change my thoughts. Sometimes I let it happen a little bit and keep falling down but eventually get worried that it might not be good so I decide to wake myself up. I seem to be completely lucid during the times I let it happen and can have rational thoughts. I always have this thought when it begins of "seriously? Again?" Is it something bad? Or is it just a fear from an unknown experience that I am having? I would like to explore this further but am afraid I may be messing with something bad as opposed to good. Happens about 3-4 times per week.

Any thoughts would help. Thanks.

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RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-19)
Last night I was unintentionally thrown into an astral travel situation. I recognized the signs of it and instead of feeling afraid this time, I kept trying to tell myself to raise my vibration level. This is the first time I understand what has been meant by vibration. I also had a bit of a trick to get out of my body, but tried the throw myself out by kicking with my feet. I didn't stay long at all. Now that I recognize the feelings I feel like I am moving towards something special. Thanks again for the advice Anne.
RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-18)
Oh and Anne, congratulations on the lottery win!
Hope that I can become as "dialed in" to do the same.
Thanks again.
RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-18)
Thank you Anne!

I look forward to moving deeper into this. I suppose fear only makes us more susceptible and lowers our vibration so it will be best to put that behind me. Yet of course being diligent all the while.
I will use your tips and let you know how it goes. Thank you once again. This is very helpful for someone just learning about this. It all sounds so strange to others, but considering what I have seen others and yourself experience as well, it certainly seems to have consistencies and we can't all be wrong can we? Especially considering that I am not often open to suggestion or "placebo" type ideas. It either works or it doesn't for me, and knowing what I am beginning to learn, there is much more out there than just this plane.
Thank you so much!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-18)
Most of the pulling sensation isn't pulling per se, but being out of alignment with the physical and as you descend back towards your body (at this point you are in your astral or etheric) the descending feeling is your magnetic pull from the physical shell. I've experimented in depth with this magnetic pull. It seems to come from the head region (possibly even the third eye), but we also have several major chakras around our head center and as we may know, moving energy creates magnetism (electromagnetism).

I can give you two tips right off the bat that if followed, will improve your situation by at least 50% if not more. As mentioned, your physical body has a magnetic hold over your astral form. This causes all sorts of etheric anomalies and you're at the lowest point vibrationally which means you're open to other low level beings. Answer: Get away from your house. I'd say room but you can easily get distracted in the next room and still not be far enough away. The moment you leave this vicinity, you naturally rise to a higher vibration. The higher you go, the more you'll experience situations and beings that can only resonate at that level-- good.

Second, have a goal or destination. You've done enough ceiling and room viewings to hopefully have had enough of that. Fear aside, you're ready for the next step. I know this isn't a common thought, but you really are not limited by what you can do and see. Make a plan. Would you like to see a destination such as Stonehenge, the great Pyramids, what? You're not limited by time or space either. Get creative. All this is on my beginner's guide.

The thing that propels us to what we desire is the use of Will (in both the physical and the astral). You don't need to "walk" to a place but will yourself. With practice, you'll see what I mean. It was like the time I wanted to go to the moon. I left my body, located the moon in the sky and started "flying". Well dang, it was taking forever. In frustration, I "willed" myself and zap, I was there. Another related but more incredible example was when I wanted to win the daily lottery. I left my body and asked for the numbers; and asked and asked and asked. Again, in frustration, I willed those numbers and up popped the correct balls in the right order. Will is the key. FYI, your solar plexus is where your will chakra is.

This should give you some direction!

RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-18)
Thank you Anne.
I am interested in taking this beyond just the confines of my house and having the experience that I felt with the woman. My concern is that is it possible that this feeling of fear is because it is the unknown? OR should I be fearful that it is actually something evil pulling me? Is this pulling sensation normal when astral projecting?
I am very open minded and interested in this and realized that it would be better to confront these almost nightly occurences as they disturb my sleep and can be draining. I guess I need some guidance on what to do when I experience this pulling sensation.

Thank you for your tips as well. I am newly exploring this but cannot deny what I have felt and experienced so far.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-18)
Where do you get this idea that astral projection leads to death? People travel to the astral almost every night when they sleep and everyone comes back minus someone who perhaps has a heart attack or some other problem but basically, there is no evidence that AP is bad for you. If it were, the numerous lucid astral travelers wouldn't be able to come back and tell their tale. You yourself left and came back. Do you think if you go too far you'll die? I've travelled away from earth and am here to chat about it. I think this fear is more lack of knowledge and cultural (western philosophies, certainly not eastern).

It is an unfortunate but sad truth that 99% of humanity from western philosophies knows nothing about their subtle bodies. What we don't know, we fear. It is completely understandable your fears over those sensations. I think the question comes down to, what are you looking to achieve? Are you okay with the random room roaming or do you want to take yourself to the next level? If you do, prepare for a lot more fear because you're in personal unchartered territories and while you're totally in control in the physical (well, mostly), in the astral you are amongst beings and others that are much more knowledgeable where they are at and some take advantage of that. But the good news is, if you can learn to cope with them and excel beyond their low level (and in time you would), what you experienced with that woman, is just the beginning of explosive experiences and personal growth. You can check more about AP on my sister site, My contact info is on that page if you ever have personal questions.

One more thing, it's my opinion that the woman, in part, did the circular reference to your third eye because you can activate your third eye through visualizing it swirling. This is why they call chakras wheels. An amethyst has done wonders for mine as well.

I like to remind people that this life shall pass, and quicker than you want to realize. The more we prepare and understand the afterlife (the astral-- low, mid, high and even higher planes), the more you'll be prepared for the next set of experiences.

Thanks so much for sharing your fascinating experiences.

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