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Heavy Air In Astral Projection


I have been working on my astral travels off and on for the last month and a half since I realized that these were quite common in my past. I have had a few experiences since to learn from and can report that up until the other night, things were progressing nicely. To the point where I could fly through the air and seemingly end up in places very quickly.

The other night I had an experience where I had realized that I was in an astral projection (without attempting to this time), so I did my usual thing where I try to get outside as quickly as I can and further away from my body. The difference with this time was that it felt like the air was very very heavy and I had to cut through it with my movements as I moved forward.

This time when I got outside of my house, there were people that aren't usually there. Some are very solid as if they were, and some were transparent but I could see them. Most of these were children between 8 and 17 I would say. I had an urge to go up to one of the solid looking kids who was standing alone (wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and headphones, kind of looking lost). He didn't even see me. He was just standing there almost like he didn't know what he was doing there. Transparent kids ran up and down the street and seemed like they were playing and having fun.

When I arrived in this astral travel, for some reason I knew this wasn't the usual as usually in my travels the weather is nice, and the air is only heavy near my body. This time, the air was heavy throughout and I could tell by feeling that this had to be of a lower dimension than I am used to. It was as if I felt exhausted trying to stay in the projection and as though I couldn't keep my "eyes" open. It was exhausting to be in this dimension I was in.

After I tried to contact this kid in the green sweater, and he made no motion of recognition, I suddenly woke up.

Just looking for input on whether the heavy feeling is related to the dimension itself, and if so, does this mean I was having a hard time resonating with the frequency of this astral plane I was on? It didn't feel negative, but sort of somber overall.

Just looking for some input on this type of astral world or if anyone has a similar experience.

Also, does anyone feel really hot when they wake up after an astral travel?

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xXxNachoxXx (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-13)
I've experience something similar to this. I was told it's a realm where we can talk to other like us. But not sure if that's true, I've only seen one other person. Well, there was a time when I fell asleep or astral travel without knowing it too. A guy appeared wearing all black and long hair with a tall hat. He had a black ring and black painted nails. Don' know who he was but I sense a familiar feeling so I have to had known him but but his aura was different. I couldn't move at all, I felt a heavy feeling as well. He grab my left arm and I saw light going to it and a feeling that made me feel great but stronger.

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