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Spiritual Experience - Good Or Bad?


I had a "dream" or possibly something else last night when I felt like I was in my bed and I was facing the closest side of the bed (on my side). It felt like my head was perched up off the pillow almost being held by what appeared to be a faint image of what felt like a small girl/child, not really sure if she appeared scary to me, but I was panicking as she was holding me up by my chin and trying to look into my mouth or trying to go in or pull something out through my mouth with her mouth. Her mouth was not touching me but was probably 6 inches from my face. Again, it wasn't a solid image of this girl, more like a faint see-through "ghost" if you will.

I was afraid because my first thought was that she was trying to possess me (through my mouth apparently - maybe I saw a commercial for something that made me think this). I remember thinking to myself to project thoughts of asking Archangel Michael to protect me. Even when I did, she didn't stop.

I was only interested in thinking this as I was afraid to open my mouth for fear that she would do something to me.

I can't tell if this was just a nightmare, a bizarre thought that crept into my subconscious or something more.

Also, I know I felt fear but was not sure that I really should have. It's as though I couldn't decide if she was trying to help me or harm me.

I understand OBE and lucid dreaming, and I was very conscious of my thought during this process.

Was hoping to get someone's take on this. Do you feel I should be concerned here, or am I possibly only fearing the unknown situation?

All thoughts are always appreciated.

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RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-18)
Thank you.

She was sort of in between dark and light, kind of in the middle I suppose, but yes, you make a good point.
I will do that regarding the cleansing.
In regards to asking her to leave, is this something that I can do during the day, or does it have to be the next time I have contact from her?
I am still not 100% on the experience at all. I am normally tired as I am a bit of a night owl and get up early for work, so it's hard to say. How do you propose I cleanse myself? Thanks for your advice. Even if it is something that I imagined or not, it's a good reason to clean the negative energy out of my place.
light_wanderer (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-18)
I am fairly new with all of this, but there is one thing I know for certain: If she was there for a good reason, you would know it. With my experience, anything you have to question is more than likely not good. Did she have a glow to her or was she dark like the room? If she was dark like the room, then I am possitive she was there to feed off your energy and it may not have been the first time she has been there. You may want to do a cleansing on your property, home, and yourself. If you have been feeling tired or fatigued more than usual, this is an sign of your energy being drained. You can also ask her to leave, be stern, and she has no choice but to listen. Make sure you inform her than she is to never return. But be sure to cleanse your home.

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