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Spiritual Attachment Or Spirit Guide?


I'm going to make this as short as possible.

As a young child I remember sensing, seeing, and hearing spirits. I use to be terrified at the sight or experience so I would often block it out my head and try to act like nothing happened... Growing up I was always fascinated with the thought of being able to speak to spirits and had a gut feeling that I could. Anywho, fast forward to now... 23 years old, I have always had a sense of something was there, something was watching me, seeing things out of my peripherals and sometimes they show themselves o me fully. Well about two weeks ago I decided to try to let go of the fear and dig a little deeper. I have recently started meditating and trying to reach out to my spirit guides and meditating... I have felt a warm touch a couple of times while meditating but had no fear associated with this, I have sometimes felt a heaviness on my cheat or pain in the neck. Shortly after meditating I started having more instances of feeling presences and a knowing of something being there. I am awaken every night in between 2-4 am and no matter how many times I try to go back to sleep I am awaken again. I have been having extremely vivid dreams and things like my kids bassinet moving on its own my phone texting without me, feeling others emotions strongly, even in photos. Last night strangely enough was a full moon, I recently got two kittens (to help me sense when spirits are around) I am fostering these kittens and was unaware that they were feral and afraid... So most of the time they stay in the closet I have turned into a den for them and they do not make a peep. Well last night at 3 am they went nuts meowing and scratching at the door (I close it at night since thy are feral I don't want them wandering into my kids room and freaking out. Anyways, after listening to them meowing and scratching at the door I shrugged it off as maybe they were finally coming around and starting to open up a little and I dozed back to sleep, I woke up to the sound of the kittens bells on their collars jingling around the house, curious I looked at the closet and the door was wide open. Now remember, this door was completely shut and the kittens are only 12 weeks old and not capable of opening the door. Once again I shrugged it off and went back to sleep, at 5 am the cats were back in the closet cuddled up with each other as they usually are not making a peep.

My question is could this be a guide or spirit of some sort trying to get my attention, or a bad spirit?

I forgot to mention I had talked to a few psychics/mediums on the fb pages they have and I only talked to the ones that had good reports. I was told that I had a guide that was with me and trying to get a message to me, a couple people told me that. Now there was one guy who told me that I was haunted and the spirit was following me (hence me always feeling like something is watching me, I refuse to walk through my house in then dark due to being afraid and this is in any house I have ever lived in) Now I have seen a guy post some symptoms of having a spiritual attachments and a few resignate with me. Like feeling something is crawling in my hair, having bad thoughts that I know are not my own thoughts. There's a lot and I know I have left a bit out but any help would be much appreciated!

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Denkatsu (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-09)
It sounds like there is nothing to fear. When someone you know passes away they always watch over you and try to communicate. Make a list of those you know who have passed away. Look at the list and the list its self will tell you who you have strongest ties with. I highly doubt a haunting would help the little kittens out and even put them back knowing that you don't want them out.

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