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Experiencing What I Think Is A Spiritual Awakening


I've always had a strong interest in the spiritual.

I've had plenty of supernatural experiences and i've even been able to record spirits.

Lately my pull towards the spiritual have gotten stronger and stronger.

At the same time i've started having this strange sensation in my hands like vibrations.

At first I only felt them while meditating or doing yoga, now I feel them randomly as well.

I use the vibrations when doing tarot. I hold my hands above the cards and pick the cards I feel the strongest vibrations from, I usually take help from my favorite crystal. This technique always gives me the absolute most accurte readings.

I feel like this might be some sort of awakening.

I don't know how to use this really though and what these vibrations I feel are good for other than helping me with tarot readings, or what it means when I just feel them randomly.

I've also always been good at reading people and i've gotten much better at it. I pick up on their energy even just over text. If it's a person who isn't being honest and potraying an image of themself I see through it in a minute, i've never been wrong about someone so far. I pick up other peoples feelings/energy and it makes me irritated as I don't know how to stop it.

I've also been able to see energies since I was a child. As a child I did it much easier and quite often. I'd talk about energy orbs I saw floating around and no one would understand what I was going on about.

Twice in the last year i've gotten something similar to kaleidoscope vision, seeing colors in my field of vision but nothing was wrong with me. I've experienced out of body experiences or near out of body experiences, I occasionally see small white orbs randomly and i've gotten better at being able to manifest the things that I want.

Still I most of the time have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to the spiritual but I feel like something is happening to me and I want to know more and if i'm developing some sort of abilities i'd like to know how to use them.

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