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Since middle school, I always felt the emotions of individuals and felt negative energy...Hell, I've even seen some dark shadows. For awhile, it drove me crazy especially when I lived in the house near the woods where the house was always active. I remember being downstairs (cousins were upstairs) and I was watching a tv show. I put it on pause and walk to the refrigerator, next to it was a door, it was closed. I heard a man and woman talking. I froze and turned around and saw the tv was still paused. I turned back to the door and heard the voices (more so when I put my ear up to it), but I couldn't hear what was said, I opened the door and this cold air blasted right by me quickly. I turned on the light and it was empty. I told my mom this and she figured I was tired and hearing things. I wasn't.

One time, still at the house near the woods, I was resting and felt someone in bed with me. It started talking to me. It sounded like my mom, asking me how my day was and how was school. I responded. Downstairs, I could hear the garage opening, which meant someone opened the garage so I can exit out of it for school or my mom was just getting home (it was 6am round this time). It said, "I have to go" and I told it goodbye, still thinking it was my mom, but I realized that I never felt pressure on the bed only that I know that they were behind me as if they were in bed. Understand?

I heard my mom yell asking me if I was awake and I told her that I was and that she and I just had a conversation. She denied this pointing out that she just got home from work. After that, I avoided all the feelings I had or the things I saw.

Recently, I was an intern at a theatre and had numerous paranormal experiences. Which I might discuss with you all later. Anyways, I discovered that I am an empath, not a strong one, but I make connections especially when my friend had a breakdown and I felt all the emotions she had and I remember I couldn't breathe too well because of how emotionally it was. My heart rate was rapid, and she ran because she was upset and didn't want to cry in front of me and my co-workers anymore. I had a vision of where she ran to since my co-workers couldn't find her. I was surprise that I found her where I visioned. I even connected with Maggie, the maid at the Borden household. She only allowed me to vision two doors. Both of which were in her room apparently and my friends were there, and I even asked if they were trying to communicate with her and if she like one of my co-workers. Mind you my coworkers never told me whose room they were going to stay in and not only that but I was 3 hours away from my friends and connected with Maggie somehow.

I just want to know if I am an empath, how can I strengthen my gift and not allow spirits to overdue anything that may drain me of energy. I was planning on exercising and meditating to see if this would help. Any suggestions?

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angelchick1016 (3 posts)
3 years ago (2019-09-04)
Hello SecretStones,

From what I hear you do have emphatic abilities, but what it truly means to be empath is the ability to read and understand energy. A skill everyone can achieve and develop to become stronger, always taking safety in mid. The reading of energies can have it's dangers do to the fact you don't want your own energy to be contaminated by the other person's negativity. Seeing shadows or hearing things could mean you could be seeing or hearing a lost soul in a spiritual level, or a demon could be trying to communicate with you to manipulate certain situations. There are ways you can prevent that, if you have questions about how, feel free to email me.

~yours truly Anngelchick1016

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