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Experiencing An Energetic Union With A Stranger In A Vision


I have had strong experiences while being awake since march and it took me up until now to start wanting to talk about it because for some reason I feel ashamed of it, I fear I will be ridiculed and I also can't understand how my experiences could be even possible.

Let me start my story by saying that it all begin when I finally reached that place in my heart/body/soul where everything is right. I was (still am) feeling completely at peace with everything in my life and I guess that state of flow is what helped me attract the following experiences.

One day I was working on my computer, minding my own business, and I could feel and see with my third eye a man waving at me and asking me to join him in a pond that he was standing in, water at around his waist. The pound was surrounded by pine trees. He was dressed with a white shirt and brownish pants. I raised an eyebrow and dismissed that image, focusing back on my work thinking I was getting bored. But 10mn later, the image came back again with a little whisper saying "come on, join me!". In this one I could recognize the man. I know him from his artistic/media related work but I don't know him personally at all. I was very surprised so I stopped my work and as my curiosity took over, I put myself in meditation mode to see what happened. I began stepping into the water, and once I arrived close to the man, he smiled at me and gently held both of my hands. I looked down to look at myself and I was wearing a simple white dress and a white flower headband. I remembered feeling really startled at this moment because if I was making it up, I would never have worn those things. I was almost ready to back out of meditation but I looked at the man. Looking at him was strangely aligning me back to a peaceful state. He asked me to look over at the shore, which I did. There were people standing in front of the pine trees, happily waiting. I hadn't noticed them before that moment. Some people felt like they were part of his side of family like grandparents, there was a child running around and there was some deceased members of my family as well. I didn't have a clear vision of faces, I just felt that for instance my grandma was here, her energy was here. There was also a tall man holding a open book in front of him and a woman (just as tall) standing next to him with a hand on his shoulder. I didn't feel like I knew them but they both seemed to have an important role to play in that whole scenario. As soon as I realized they were all looking at us from the shore I understood that I was there for a wedding, and then it hit me: it was my wedding! Needless to say I was kind of freaking out at this point because it felt really real (I could feel the water, on my dress, the hands holding mine...) but I don't know why a part of me knew everything was ok and that I shouldn't be scared. The man asked me if I was ok, and we talked for a few minutes. Funny thing is I had the answers to my questions before even finishing them in my head. I asked if he was just a symbolic image representing something or someone else to which he said no, that he was really who he appeared to be but he was more of a higher self version. He said his 3D self is aware of the energetic shifts happening but not as aware of this event as I am. I asked him why we were here and he talked about a soul union, a "white marriage"; about energetically getting married to merge our energies and to get acquainted with each other before physically meeting. He said it was necessary because his 3D self and me were too similar (scared of being vulnerable, feeling worthless and all...) so that's a good way to start and ease the process. I asked about the people on the shore and he said that those who could attend to this joyful event were here. It was a lot of informations and even writing it all here sounds so weird, even now. But as I was a bit taken aback by all this, I couldn't deny the strong energetic pulse that was all around. He then asked me if I felt like I was ready to go through it and after a moment of genuinely asking myself, I thought I was ready to see what would happen so I said yes. The tall man and women gave us rings that we exchanged and there was an energy shift I cannot even put into words. After a while of taking in all this energy, I came back to my body and for a solid week, I felt a ring on my finger and I genuinely felt married. It was a very natural feeling. I still experience the ring (not on a permanent basis though) but since then, I have been doubting this experience (who wouldn't?!) even though I have crazy synchronicities and confirmations about it. Like in a flashback, I have realized that I have been linked to this man for a long time but never realized it. We could have met a few times in different countries we were in at the same time but never did because it wasn't the right time. My brother actually met him twice in my hometown even though this man is not from my country. Don't get me wrong though, I have never thought of this man romantically and I don't see this experience as an "oh my god that's so romantic" type of story. I love getting to understand psychic experiences on a deep energetic level, and I have no idea what to make of my own.

Since march the connection deepened gradually (every time I was making a psychic progress on my journey to be honest). I have had visions of moments in our future, with children and very precise places, like rooms and house (s) I don't know of. I have also now been connecting with his deceased grandparents who were on the shore. They came to me one day as I was eating diner, introduced themselves and they now give me support when I need it; which I find funny as I don't know the man personally but I already know his dead grandparents. They gave me a few informations about them that I could more or less verify to get my confirmations that I was not making this up even though I still cannot really accept that this is happening.

These are my very strange and vivid experiences that I am having while being fully awake...

By writing this, I am wondering if similar events has ever happened to anyone in here? If maybe a more skilled medium have more informations on this? I have looked a lot online but I always end up on this "twin flamme" topic which I am not against but I find that people overly obsess about it and make it a bit too human (if you see what I mean).

I guess I should just let it go and trust that whatever happens will happen but I don't know why I have been feeling a strong need to share (and believe me I would have never posted this story otherwise) and see if people have/had the same experience as I did or maybe help me understanding a bit more what happened.

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Amanoccio (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-18)
Hi peculiargnat, I am so grateful you created an account to write me a comment, thank you ❤

I love your views on it & from what I could verify I think this man may be psychic (aware of it or not I don't know) like he meditates and lives his life only based on intuitions. What you said is also very interesting because actually 6 months before this big vision, I had 2 or 3 times a strong feeling of someone needing me. I didn't know what it was but it was so strong I wanted to cry. Now I think that was linked to this whole experience. And the fact that you raised this point of him reaching me is fascinating.

It's funny because as a kid I always thought I would have only one strong connection to someone that I would eventually meet and we'll have a long lasting relation. I think that is what is happening right now but it's starting in a very psychic way first. 😁 So I guess I think he is my soulmate. If I focus on his energy, it feels like he has the exact same pink sweetness I have (I always see people's uniqueness with colours) and the same sensitivity. Just like if we were almost identical energetically but different in what we have to learn in our respective lives. Strange but lovely feeling to experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share, it really helps! Hopefully I can give an update in a near future 😆
peculiargnat (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-17)
Hi Amanoccio, I just made this account mainly to comment on your story. I'm captivated by your experience and I personally believe that this all really happened; a true psychic experience, especially if they're that vivid and occurring when you're awake. Do you believe you and that man might be soul mates or something? Maybe he's a psychic and his strong desire to know you has leaked into your third eye, or you somehow appeared in a dream of his? It sounds a lot like astral projection. So many things could be possible. I'm not a skilled medium or anything, but I hope my theories are helpful in your psychic journey. Best wishes ❤

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