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Finding Lost Objects


I've had a few memorable experiences with having visions to find lost objects over my lifetime, I'm sure there's more but I've dismissed them in my mind. I guess perhaps I was skeptical, that it was just perhaps I had subconsciously seen where the objects got lost and it was my brain remembering and showing it to me through visions. The visions play almost like dreams across my eyes, fleeting yet vivid. Yet still when they happen I can see waking reality layered behind it.

Anyway, the first vision happened when I was a girl. I grew up in a household full of women and we were always losing brushes.

I was sleeping and my mom was yelling asking where they all went. I remember the distinct way the hallway light was beaming in through the open door, the way it casted over my bed and I got up, and looked under it, and the brush was there.

Suddenly I was awoken by my mom yelling and I realized it was a dream, without a thought I got up and looked under my bed, and the brush was there just as I saw it.

The second vision happened about a year ago and I had my friend over. We were talking about our cats, and she was telling me about this play tunnel she got and how her cat loved it. Suddenly I had a vision of myself with a blue cat tunnel rolled up in my hand, and putting it up and into the back of the closet. I got up and looked, and it was right there where I saw it

The last vision which was shortly after that one, was after I had just bought these new earbuds and had only had them for a few days before they went missing. My sister was staying with me and is prone to losing things so I wrongfully blamed her. She swore she didn't touch them. I was pacing around wondering where they could be when I had a vision of my cat playing with them in the hallway, and dragging them onto my bed in her mouth. She dropped them between the bed and the wall and scratched at it before giving up. I got up and pulled my bed out and they were there...

I still have a knack for finding things, I can't quite explain it. If I focus on an object and close my eyes and empty my mind I usually get an intuitive gist of the direction the object is in, like the room.

But the visions are completely accurate. Is there anyway to enhance or control these things? Or is it just a random gift?

Peace and love all

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LadyBelle (guest)
5 years ago (2018-11-19)
Hi Daydreamerx

Why not try developing your psychic abilities? Obviously you have 'clairvoyant/third eye' psychic ability and possibly a 'remote viewing' ability (as already stated in your story's category).

Firstly, there are 8 clair senses, clairvoyance is one of them. Clairvoyance means clear seeing, from visions and vivid dreams, auras, spirit entities, to future. You can check all of them to see if there's anything else you maybe resonate with. To make it easier, I'll just post one link I've found which can clarify this better to you:

The same goes for remote viewing, there are exercises which you can try on your own or with your friends. Remote viewing is targeting a certain object/person/place with your mind (the location can be on the other side of the world where you've never been) and then describing what you see.

The best way to develop something is to practice. If you have enough time you can practice every day. Start with visualizing (objects, places). For example, choose an object in your room, close your eyes and visualize it in your mind until it becomes perfectly vivid. Visualization is a powerful tool to help you develop clairvoyance skill. The remote viewing too.
Also, meditation is an excellent technique to clear your mind and relax your body & it can only contribute to your exercises and practicing skills.

Take care and enjoy your skills 😊

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