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Feel Connected To Objects


For around 4-5 years now (I'm 17 now) I've had this feeling like I was connected to the objects around me and I could feel the weight and felt like they was apart of me. I feel like I should be able to move them but I can't its like there is a missing link I've tried to move things with my mind for awhile but I don't even know what the feeling is or what I should focus on and feel to move the objects.

Say I had a pencil in-front of me I feel a link between me and the pencil but I can't move it.

If you've ever tried to move your middle toe without moving the others you can feel it trying to move and you'll see the bone tense but it doesn't move its that kind of feeling (bad way to describe it but eh) I've had this feeling for so long and it's annoyed me for the longest time. I'd just sit in class whilst bored and just focus on my pen and try move it but it doesn't, after trying to move it for a while I'll get out of breath like I'd just tried to lift something I couldn't.

I don't know if this links to dreams I have. Since I was 12 I started having dreams that I could move things with my mind just by thinking and using my hand to direct which direction I wanted the object to go and it was the same feeling that I had whilst I was awake that feeling of being connected to everything around me. The feeling was the same as when I'm awake however in the dreams I could actually move the object. Am I just Bloody crazy or? Would someone explain what is this feeling I have, what's going on with me.

-Thanks for =)

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Pieter (2 stories) (8 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-06)
Please help
I realy need someone to tell me what this power is my hands get warmer each day I can't fokus in class because I sometimes see the inner parts of my class mates or the projector and when I touch someone I see a part of their future like 1hour or ten minutes into the future
When I think of an object my hands get warm in the objects direction I can't consentrate on work because every time the teacher says a curtain word I see images in my head please help
Pieter (2 stories) (8 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-05)
I also feel connected to nature
I am a cristian and I think my power comes as a gift of God when I was younger I watched superman and preyed for super powers
And I got them I published a story about it when I didn't know what it was but they have not made it public yet
Pieter (2 stories) (8 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-05)
I feel the same I had dreams of moving things with my mind and it doesn't work I can only sense objects I think of in the objects direction
(basicaly I'm a metal detector or an anything detector)
Anapo (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
My name is Theresa, Anapo is Lakota it means morning sun. Objects seem to hold energy from the living thing that they were or had touched them. These little bits of atoms we take for granted create kinetic energies that some of seem to be able to understand. It takes time. You have to learn about the world, about things, about how they are made or touched or used. History, how do rocks form. It is a lot to think about at once however you will do it even if I do not tell you, you should. ❤ We can not help it. It seems like we collect just tons and tons and tons of useless knowledge. We think to ourselves as we do millions of jobs learn about toenail clippings and the rate of rainfall on some island no one knows about that this is useless information. WRONG! How do we communicate? Words... Do these spirits of energies of these things use words? Nope, they sure do not. They share sensations, pictures, sounds, smells, feel. The more you know about this world the better you can understand that smell or that feel or that touch or picture or emotion or age... To move the pencil, who made it, what kind of tree, what was it like, the things in it you need a energy connection like an emotion you are comfortable with. I do not know if this is your gift, it may not be. Your gift might be to understand something about it and for you to make it ok. We are like spirit healers, talkers, the care takers. Shaman, Heyoka, Medicine man, Gypsy, Fortune Teller, Psychc, Empath, alllll these labels. We are the care takers the love and understanding to set things right and keep them communicating. We hear life. I rambled I am so sorry. I hope this helps a little. I will put contact info on my profile. Please... This world is a mess. It is time for us to work together to help it not to gain fortune by it. That path is dark. 😘

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