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A Journaling Of Precognitive Events Intro


Since I was young--seven or eight--I have had precognitive experiences. It would start seemingly insignificant. Thinking about a movie I wanted to see on the school-bus ride home, only to find out that my parents had rented that movie (VHS days). At the time, I felt this could be chalked up to coincidence, for surely my parents knew me well enough to rent a movie I liked. Other times, I would be humming a song in my head, and moments later, a car would roll by playing that song. Perhaps I heard the song in the distance subconsciously, which then prompted me to hum it? Maybe.

Since becoming older, the events have been more pronounced, and more difficult to relegate to the realm of happenstance and misunderstanding. The purpose of these records then, is to document these events as they happen, for the benefit of my own hindsight, as well as to identify others who are experiencing this and feel how I have felt: utterly fascinated and very unnerved.

Please view my profile. It will contend that I am educated and well-minded. I want to understand whatever has been happening to me, and use it to it's full potential and purpose. I regret that I have lost the journals I used to keep of these events. If I can find them in some old email backups, I will post them.


24th January, 2018:

7:05am-- I was in the bathroom on the 1st floor of my apartment, getting ready for work, and singing a favorite song to myself (A Boogie wit da Hoodie--Drowning). The song was released in March of 2017, and does not get any significant air-play now. Windows in the bathroom are closed, and the house is quiet as everyone else is sleeping.

7:21am-- I am walking to catch the train, and a car pulls up playing that exact song. Due to the amount of time that passed between me getting ready at home and arriving at that location outside, there was no way I could have heard a car playing a song sixteen minutes away from me, with a closed window.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
I am the same way! I have a journal as well since my medium abilities are open. I recently had a premonition about a store about to stop selling CD's and people were mad. Inside of the store, it looked like it could be Walmart, I later found out on Facebook that this was Best Buy that I seen. I see things like a movie and experience synchronicity

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