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Precognitive Dreams And A Stranger


Where do I even begin? I guess I can start by introducing myself; My name is Vanessa, I'm an 18-year-old college student and I'm pretty sure I've inherited some sort of psychic ability.

Ever since I was a little girl, I would often come in contact with spirits and a lot of it has to do with my mother's side of the family- which is heavily involved with spirits and all things supernatural. My Aunt has a certain degree of psychic abilities: She is able to communicate with spirits through her dreams and this played into attracting the spirits I would see as a child. However, like most children, my ability to see the manifestation of spirits eventually diminished and I was left with only being able to sense a spirits' presence through the subtle differences in the environment and its energy. Although my ability to see spirits faded, I may have developed another ability: Precognitive dreaming.

Now, most people at least have had one precognitive dream in their lifetime and because it might be a little too common, it might not seem like anything too special but I've had these dreams ever since I was at least 10-years-old. Some of these dreams can predict major events happening, like getting into a car accident or it will predict something insignificant like a conversation or location I end up in. These dreams didn't start getting odd until I hit the age of 13; that's when a young guy started appearing in them. Now, this might not be too strange to others because random strangers appear in dreams all the time (either from people they've seen on the street or T.V./whatever) but to see this guy appear in every precognitive dream I've had since I was 13, is definitely a whole other level of strange. This guy is at least 18 or in his early 20's and he's been that age for as long as I've dreamt those precognitive dreams. He's Caucasian and has jet black hair, which he keeps slicked back and he's got these eccentric blue eyes. This dude looks like he literally came out of the 1950's, he looks like a total greaser and I have never met anybody or a seen a stranger who looks anything like this guy that decides to consistently appear in my precognitive dreams.

Although he appears in the dreams, I have yet to actually meet him and believe me, it is beyond confusing and frustrating to dream about someone you haven't met-especially if they're consistently in them. I know this isn't just some random image of a guy that's stuck in my brain because I've had dreams where I've talked to this guy and heard him answer back (I later stumbled upon out that his accent is similar to Brooklyn/Jersey kind and I've never heard that kind of accent until I researched it later on.) I've also have had dreams where I can feel him touching my arm or grabbing my hand and I've even had dreams where I can smell his cologne (I don't have a boyfriend and my brother doesn't wear cologne.)

So, this has left me to wonder if this guy I've been seeing in my dreams is someone I will meet in the future or if he's already dead and has somehow been able to manifest himself into my dreams. Either way, an answer to all of this would really help to put me at ease.

If anyone has any opinions, advice, or similar experiences-just let me know in the comments. I would really appreciate it!

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Terrapin86 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-06)
Maybe he's someone you knew from a past life, a boyfriend or brother maybe. If you're able to dream lucidly, try to ask him how he knows you.
This reminds me of my father who kept dreaming about being a young boy in a German speaking country. He would be in a classroom singing a song with the rest of the students. It turned out the song was of Czech origin and dated to the late 19th century. He never spoke German or anything like that.
So it very well could be a boy you were once bonded with. His 1950s dress also indicates some past life connection.
Then again, dreams are tricky. It could be nothing lol

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