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Can The Ability To Have Precognitive Dreams Fade?


When I was a kid around, 8, I had gotten in trouble and told to sit at the silent lunch table. I ended up falling asleep and dreaming that a good friend and I had gotten into a fight. She turned in a book we were reading in our book club so we exchanged some harsh words and I stomped off. I did not think much about it until it was library time, just like my dream predicted we got into a big fight and then I stormed off. I told my mom and she just brushed it off as a fluke so I didn't ask any more about it.

Now, every now and then I get "deja-vu", I usually do not remember my dreams but when I experience that "deja-vu" feeling I remember just that part of that dream. I have a few examples, when I was preparing lunch I was in the kitchen pouring the mashed potatoes & gravy and then suddenly I realized I had experienced or seen this before. Also, when I was in a Civic's class the teacher sat a podium going on and on, and then as soon as he said something it's almost like he had triggered it, I had a sense of "deja-vu".But it is very rare now and I do not know if it has something with the fact I cannot seem to remember my dreams.

I was wondering, is it possible that my ability to have precognitive dreams have faded? If so, can I strengthen them again? Or have they just gone away completely? I'm also an empath but nothings changed with my ability to feel the emotions around me. I am not quite familiar with psychic abilities or anything, I am sorry if this is stupid but any feed-back would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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