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Dream Of A Stranger


I had a dream about 2 years ago, I was entering a church and in the first row there was a man sitting with curly short hair, his head bowed and I knew he was really sad. My heart went to him and even when we didn't really talk I knew his name was Israel and that we were very good friends, I cared about him a lot.

Reality was that I have never seen that guy in my life, my best friend's name is Israel too so I thought that my head just mixed everything up.

That day I got up, went to work and even told my dream to a couple of coworkers.

At the end of the shift, about 6 pm, we decided to share a cab, I sat in the back with one of them and were chatting about churches (I was deciding for one for a wedding ceremony).

I glimpsed side of the driver's face and was kind of familiar, I remembered the guy from my dream but it wasn't possible, he had curly hair too but it was longer. Then the driver got mad at someone on the street and I heard him curse. I was positive that the guy from my dream was really nice, not like him. So I kept chatting with my coworker until suddenly, the driver interrupted us, apologizing for his behavior and started chatting happily with us.

I immediately felt the connection, then he turned and his face was really the same as in my dream. He was recommending me a pastor he knew that did a beautiful ceremony for him and his wife.

"Oh how long have you been married" I asked him.

His face turned sour and he answered that his wife died. I felt my heart clench. "I'm so sorry" was all I could muster.

Then he gave me his phone number to call him in case I was interested in the pastor and said, "by the way, my name is Israel, nice to meet you".

My coworkers said later to me that if I hadn't told them my dream earlier, they wouldn't have believed it... I still had trouble believing it myself. (I kind of dream with strangers that I care about or love strongly frequently, like an altern universe)

I had some problems later at work so I quit and his number was in the phone I returned. I haven't seen him again.

This is one of many weird things that had happened to me along the years... Feel free to comment:)

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-06)
I suppose he didn't recognize you from the dream. I'm pretty sure it was only a part of him that you had met in your dream. Very interesting story. I believe that you may have had some purpose in meeting him. As far as what that purpose is is beyond me lol. Things like that don't happen for no reason. As far as that goes, that is no mere coincidence. Thanks for sharing!

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