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Through The Eyes Of My Personal Stranger


After reading, learning, searching and trying to find answers for many years, I've only recently come to terms with calling myself a psychic. However, I have felt a bit weird since I can remember, because I knew that I was able to do things that the rest normally did not, or could not, do.

I am almost blind, and in spite of that, I can see spirits and entities - apart from other things - and I can use my mind's eye.

I am not writing, however, to tell you what I can, or cannot do. I am really in need of help, and even though I do not usually post messages in internet forums, I ran out of good ideas to try to give a nice solution to this issue.

Since I was a child, I have had these visions of a strange person, whom I decided to call my personal stranger for referential purposes throughout this story. I can see what he sees, through his eyes, as though I were inside his head. I can see his face through a mirror, when he looks at himself.

It's almost impossible for me, however, to retrieve all the details of the visions, because I cannot see very well myself, and even though it feels as I could really see during those moments, I can only focus on the things he is focused on, and I might lose most of it after each vision is gone. Through the years, however, his face was engrained in my brain. It did not change much with time, really; he was twenty or so in the first visions I can remember.

As I grew older, I came to believe he was a figment of my imagination; I even came to think about him as something I had purposefully created. These sort of visions of him intensified with time. They became more and more frequent and intense, and I had the feeling of something coming, of him coming.

Most of the visions were from his perspective, but I had some from the outside, to, as if I could see him from the sidewalk at the other side of a street, or through a window, for instance.

Last year, I found out that this guy really exists; he has a name, a job, and he frequents places h

When I look at someone's face, I am not able to see it, but in an amplified image on a computer screen I might be luckier. Because of this, I did not recognize him in the two or three occasions when we met. Even though I was certain that there was something going on, I was not able to see what was the weird thing happening around me.

When I was near him, I felt something I cannot describe very well, like a de ja vu, and I was overwhelmed by fear, melancholy, joy, and a lot of other feelings I cannot find a name for, apart from a myriad of images trying to pop into my mind's eye at once. I think I must have looked like some sort of plant to everyone present then, because I could not react properly.

Several months went by. I was trying to be as far of this person as I could, but there was a part of me that wanted to know.

One day, searching my computer, I found a picture of the last time I'd seen him, and I tried the zoom to see what he looked like.

If I had not been sat, I'd have fallen to the floor, because he was my personal stranger.

Instead of feeling better, I am growing more and more scared. The visions continue to intensify, and I feel a need to talk to him, to get near and do. Something.

The problem here is that we are not that near acquaintances as for him to even say hi to me if he spots me, and even though I can determine when he and I are in the same place, it is about all that I can do. Sometimes, I feel blocked, and other times, well, I see myself where he is instead of where I am. I am lucky that I did not break my leg or something of the sort yet! When we talked, I did not feel disoriented, but I do not know whether it was for some reason beyond my understanding, or due to pure luck.

I do not know if he can perceive me in his head, but I do know that I can feel him in mine, and believe me, it is not an easy thing. One day I was trying to choose a blouse from my wardrobe, and suddenly felt his, let's say, mental signature? Or energy signature, inside my head! I tried to fight it away, but it was really weird and, even though he is almost a stranger, I did not feel invaded. That happened again two or three times after that day, but it is not the usual thing. I guess it is usually the other way around.

If I happen to go to a place where he has been recently, I can feel a trace, very much like his mental signature.

The problem with all of these things is that this person is going to go away very soon, and I am afraid that I might not be able to do whatever I feel I have to do. I even thought about stopping him and blurting it all out, and believe me, I am examining that possibility seriously.

I am really in need of help with this issue. Does any of you know of something like this?

I am currently searching all the stories in the page, and trying to figure out what I come up with here.

Everything that you could tell to try to help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-14)
This is amazing, you said you have been having the vision of him since you were a little girl. Wow... So it could mean that you have a memory of him deeply imbedded in your mind and soul, if this guy is your twin flame then maybe you remember of you two "incarnating together" in this life this lifetime around.

If you are destined to meet in this life, Love will be the pull that will make it happen, but this physical reincarnation of both at the same time would make it difficult, since one of you would have to make a move... Unlike with the one being incarnated and the other acting like a disincarnate spirit Guide, for in that case the soul is just "drawn" to the other soul, but also not just drawn or shown to the other person, since they are essentially One soul them being One soul means that the other soul really doesn't have a choice but to stay near the other half of His soul.

So maybe that is why you can see through His eyes, because in spite of being physically apart you were never apart to begin with, you were always one and not even physical "separation" can make you lose that "one mind, one sight" attitude.

If this is your twinflame, and you will always have him in your mind, even though you never physically meet or are together, wouldn't that be enough?
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-11)
I hope things are not in bad shape and hope you are well and unharmed. Well if you see something real and you deny its reality, it will make things worse when it comes to spuritual stuff. Accpet things the way they are whether they are good or bad for you. That person is real, don't think that he is not real or anything, just think of other stuff and leave him alone. When you have this connection with this guy for a long time. So it won't be easy to forget about him, you should deal with them as soon as you experience them. You have the power so you can control it as well. Its like if you plant a seed in the soil. It will grow up, when you think its not good so replace it before it grows up into a tree that would be very difficult for you to replace. Its the same as this. I truely wish to help you on this issue. If I could talk to in the chat or something. I wish there was a chat box here so people could easily talk to each other rather than waiting for replies. My prayers for your safety. Good bye.
Lenna (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-11)
Mubashir, thanks for your comment! I tried the I'll-forget-about-you strategy and the you-are-not-real thing a couple of times with this person... Did not help at all, it only made things worse...
Ladyhawk, Thanks for your comment too! I do have someone I could ask for help in the way you suggested, and I'll try it, because it has not occured to me before!
Regarding the thing I am most scared about... Well, I do not know, the fact of failing to do what I am supposed to do, which I have not very clear, first of all, and the possibility of his laughing at me also terrifies me. The thing is that I know I have limmited time, and I just feel that not telling him, or not approaching him is not a choice. 😨
If you are interested to know more, my e-mail's in my profile... Ask all the questions you wish! This exchange is helping me a lot. 😁
Take care you guys! ❤
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
Well I had such experiences myself but I never liked them anyways. Well I saw most people doing wrong things. Instead of observing more, I force myself to get back into senses. I think you should try to forget about that guy. If you keep on thinking about the same person, you don't know how much powerful connection you can develope. Since I am student so its easy for me to forget things like that. If you forget then it would be like breaking the bridge. Well that's what I think.
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
Lenna,You seem to be sharing a similar 'frequency' with this gentleman. Our realities can be very complex when we are sensitive to others. I have more questions than answers... What are you most scared about? Do you have someone that you can trust this information to, a friend perhaps, because it may be that you should meet but not appear as a stalker. A reliable friend could accompany you as a support or witness. If you believe in a higher power perhaps prayer can help clear the way as well. When you are in contact do you try to reach out in thought to see if this person reacts. The simplest test is to think 'look at me',with a friend present to witness if you cannot see. If in deed there is a reaction and it doesn't terrify you then ask them to come talk to you the same way. It is my suggestion that you do not approach this person alone. Continue to ask for guidance and use your sensitivity to percieve a higher message. I am very interested to hear from you again. Blessings, Ladyhawke ❤

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