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Need Third Eye Advice


My name is Chelsea and I am trying to find info on how to reactivate my third eye abilities. At the beginning of this year I had an awakening. I'm guessing it's from all the spiritual research I was doing. I even gave a psychic prediction to a stranger that came to me saying he felt drawn to me. Again, I'm only guessing it was a psychic prediction considering I have no experience in this field. There were so many images and words rushing in my mind. It came so quickly and so intensely I don't remember it much but the images and the Divine feelings were so strong. I remember feeling like I was floating outside of my body and that my body was just filled with light. I just knew things. I remember thinking I was one with God. It was the most amazing experience. I also started being able to connect to spirits and was doing mediumship readings for people. Complete strangers who were blown away by my accuracies. I started sensing everything in my surroundings. Almost seeing auras but it was more like feeling/seeing energy bubbles. I heard ringing in my ears and it would get so loud the more I tuned in. I was seeing numerology references everywhere and messages. Words and phrases would highlight in my mind's eye. I essentially was on a spiritual high. Food was better, colors brighter, all my senses were so overwhelming. I don't know why or how but the energy surge I had powered down in the middle of February and I just want to understand why and how to get it all back. I did get a healing reading and the cards said I need spiritual protection but I was doing many different forms of protection so I don't understand. I had sage, did grounding and shielding exercises, had crystals and incense around me. Help and advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated. I'm really worried this was a one time thing because I loved it so much I just hope I can figure out how I did it all in the first place.

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Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
I agree with junglecat. This too happened to me. You see demons walk the earth like other spirits we open doors unintentionly. You had demons before this awakening and it then manifested by givingbyouthese false feelings. I had the he Same thing happen to je. I d archer everywhere. Finally found out by had a demon oppressing me. Living insidevme. The next step would've been possession. But I was saved and Westborough deliverance by accident. I was being prayed over by a pastor and I started convulsing, shakint, screaming. I was being set free from being demonized. Christians have this all the time. They just can't be possessed. It was having a drink master open my third eye at a distance without even meeting of knowing her was what out demons in me. The occult is real and demons gladly walk through that door when we open it. If you notice you have zero energy, like always always tired, think about what I said. Also a depression and withdrawing from famiky, feuding with famiky, no motivotion. Sounds like you need real verance.
Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-24)
Dear SeaRae;
Regards. Our third eye is nothing more tham our pineal gland. That communicates directly to our coronary chakra. It's a phisical and spiritual receptor and transmissor of magnetic waves in-on connecting us to other beans in many dimmensions. Meanning to spiritual affairs, this gland belong to both dimmensions of Universe, material and spiritual, and to clean this up and make us health, we must filled our feelings with love. Love people, not judge, love life, be grateful and accept life as it is.
Junglecat (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-31)
Since you describe this as an awakening rather than an a life-long ability, and then it suddenly stopped, it sounds more like demonic grooming than innate abilities to me. Be careful of wishing for more. Instead, pray to your god for protection, and to be most useful to him/ her. You may or may not get those powers back but if you don't, do not miss them. They were in that case, given to trick you.
alongtimecoming (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-19)
Your post made me really sad.

You "powered down" because there is a huge shift going on in our plane of existence right now. Consciousness, spirituality, science, economics, politics, society... You are definitely about to be "rebooted," and I would not be surprised if you are going to experience the complete opposite of what you initially called your "spiritual awakening".

"At the beginning of this year I had an awakening. I'm guessing it's from all the spiritual research I was doing." Well let me wake you up the concept that whatever you were seeking in terms of a spirit guide is not what pretty little thing it projected itself to be to you.

You are being deceived and are being groomed to be used, in terms of oppression or possession by whatever entity or "force" you truly were in contact with.

What you experienced was God's love, and how you are currently seeking God is obviously not working because nothing is what it seems (AKA not of God). You put more faith in the flame of a candle because it is right in front of you then what it is that is actually all around you.

God wanted you to know He loved you in-spite of the path you are so avidly following. What He does for those whom He loves.

I know someone taught you how to pray, it's a shame that you forgot who to pray to.
Manuela (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-16)
Hi Chelsea

You've mentioned "many images and words rushing in your mind", it means that you were in tune with your psychic ability. The same would happen to me with one certain ability. Anyway, it's like you're "reading" someone based on their energy, and in your case reading other's energy gets translated through images and words. It's normal to get the rush of info when you tap into and connect with someone's energy.

There can be various reasons why you don't feel so powerful at this moment.
Putting up a protection is definitely a good idea.
Also, analyze a little bit if there was any difference in how you felt and in your life in general which led you to current state: if you've felt drained, or had any kind of worries/problems cause those can also lower your power.

It's very possible that what you're experiencing now is just a phase.
A recharging/pause phase, especially if you gave a lot of yourself into the whole thing in the beginning.
Then the transformation/transition phase, it can be you're going through certain growth - whether it's related to your personal growth or specifically to your abilities, so you're kind of being prepared for the next phase.

I would continue doing the same things you were doing before, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself cause then you can get reverse effect or the effect that you're not satisfied with.
Just give yourself a bit of time for the things to fall into their place:-)

Kind regards,

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