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My First Tale, Auras, Anxiety, And Migranes


What a way to make a first post, because I think that I'm saving the best for last, so to speak. I've had good psychic, spiritual, and some weird ghost experiences, and now I believe that it's time to ask advice in a public forum. Okay, So first, I am living alone half of the day, and am currently unemployed. I used to live in a small town, and I go there frequently now because that's where I go to college to. I have been getting this strange crawling sensation on my forearms, even as I speak. Sometimes, just thinking about it gives me the chills, and I've noticed that it is the worst on a full moon. I've been working with orgonite, and have done some local gifting. Some may call me a nutter believing that it works, but I suggest you say that to the thousands of other "nutters" who use them, many who seem to live lives that contribute to society in a positive way. Anyways, I do have a lot of anxiety because of the frustration of not having much to do. But the weird part now is that, well, I can see auras around my head, limbs, and pretty much everywhere else. It almost looks like a ghost white "reflection", sometimes with colors, and with black spots that I can pull out of my fingertips. I can sense people's emotions, sometimes too much that it hurts me almost literally or "bogs me down" when I'm around my family, because they're full of strife. And I've always been that sensitive before, but now it's sometimes becomes too much. In fact, I feel so much better typing this out that my anxiety's diminishing and I can actually smell the candle that's across my sister's small room. When I am totally relaxed and calm, and have had a pretty good day. Sometimes it's the exact opposite. And sometimes, I can see what I believe is my shadow's aura very clearly. It's usually some hue of gold, with black stuff spewing out like sludge or something. I can see it better at night, or when I try concentrating, in a dark room. Same as with viewing my physical hands. Lately it's been bright white, Carolina Blue, sometimes dirty yellow or brown, and always some form of blue, I think. The weirdest part is, that I can see what I believe is my aura in action, moving, and such. I also see whit sparkles, dots, or other lights, usually really really white, sometimes with a Carolina blue outer tint, around me, but mostly when I'm in my room. I used to see blue "pricks" in the center of my vision while looking at something, and sometimes "orbs" in my room or even near my computer! I also see black "orbs", they look what I can describe as blacker than black, around the room, m family, etc. Yes, when I see these black specks in the center of my vision, I believe it's just an aura migraine. But when I look at my aura and typically in the mirror, I see these black energies doing what seems to me like chewing up my aura to cloudy gray, and continuing to consume. Then I just go get some lunch or something after that, lol! But it got bad, real bad, that I won't mention in detail here, and on another post or something. Whew, One question is, does chi look vaguely like white floaters, but even smaller? I can see it moving up and down my legs and around my body. This has become so prevalent in my life ever since I started working with radionics. It's creepy, because I used to get a lot of sleep paralysis when I was a teen, and one day I asked God/the Universe/the Creator of All to please make sure I "attain" these abilities of clairvoyance, so that I can know about the true nature of reality better, and be able to help myself and all others four our greatest and highest good. Silly me, I should've known the consequences after asking such a sincere wish, because I believe it came with a price. Maybe. And that's what puzzles me to this day: That if I ask The Universe/Creator of All and Source of All Existence for a gift, it shouldn't be a burden, right? I don't know what to say much about that right now, and really don't want to say much about that at the moment. But yeah, chi is a real force of nature, I have figured it out, The only advice I could give from my experience is that you should be careful with what you wish for; hence the proverbial "ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find" quote from the bible (was it the bible? Now this feels embarrassing.) And don't be lusting after women and be into the magical forces, even from just tai chi, because you may just get a rude awakening in your bedroom. 0_o That story's for another day though, so feel free to tell me what you think about these experiences, and about how they may or not be reality, so to speak. Thank you for your time! Peace Out.

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steve11 (1 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-11)
I have had dreams that closely match your experiences. Because we are both psychic we are connected. Stay tuned. I have precognitive dreams and thoughts regularly. Have you ever had them? I was told a few days ago by a spirit via telepathy that something was going to be happening concerning seeing auras. I recently had some sever migraines. I am empathic. I am like a sponge. Usually someone is doing healing work and the problem is transferred to me. Know that when someone uses us unfairly there are consequences. Cause and effect ie karma will take care of the guilty ones. They are playing with fire so to speak and they are about to get burned. Be as fair and friendly to everyone as you can. Try not to do anyone wrong yourself. We do not destroy any one we just take over with compassion and wit our ability to tell others about what we know. It takes a more powerful person to not get angry. Those who use force and threats will lose all their power. We are taking them over.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-11)
You seem to need distance from the atmosphere at your family's home. Retreat to some well-tended monastry - may it be a Christian institution or some Ashram in which you can trust - for some weeks, and pray and work there. Or go to the wilderness as a rucksack tourist. After that time you will see more clearly what your clairvoyance is good for, and which of these powers that you perceive visually are in fact the negativity of quarrel and hate that obviously suround you when you live with your family. What will be left of the eerie visual impressions after such a period of cleansing is your own thing, and what has gone away is a product of your family surroundings.

This is only a spontaneous idea. I am a physician, but not a special counselor for those who suffer from "visual illusions" as one could call your experiences from a materialistic view.

From my medical knowledge I can certainly say your ailment is NO migraine. Megrim auras are not as persistent as your impressions, and not as lively or changeable. Normally an aura before an attack of megrim consists in a colored zigzag, or circle, before one or both eyes that persists for half an hour or somewhat longer and then goes away, most of the time but not in all cases followed by a severe headache.

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