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A Bond With A Stranger - Luiseach?


I don't really know for sure how to explain this, but I'll try the best I can.

Since I was about twelve, I've always felt this presence. At first, I just shrugged it off. When I got to be about fourteen (I'm fifteen now), I was staying at a friend's house for awhile, and she said that when ever I fell asleep, she saw this figure next to me. She said it was either sitting next to me or laying next to me, but I already knew that. I didn't know that a figure was there, but I knew that someone was there; I felt it.

When I first felt it, I had a dream about me and this random guy. In the dream, we were very close, like best friends, I think. I had never met that guy before, but ever since that first dream, I have felt him. I've felt things that, I assume, were the things he's felt. I have had many dreams about this guy since this first dream.

Now, a couple of days ago, while my parents were out of town, someone came to the door.

It was the guy from my dreams.

I found out his name, how old he is, where he's from, and other stuff about him. Most importantly, I found out why he was at my house.

He said that he has been having dreams about me, just like I have. He said that he has had this presence hanging around him, too, just like I have.

We have been talking about things these past few days, while my parents are out of town, and it seems like I have to be around him all the time. We can feel each other's emotions, and when we're in pain. I believe at one point the other day I heard one of his thoughts.

Now, you also have to know that I have dealt with many paranormal things, like ghosts and, what my friend believes to be, a demon.

This guy in my dreams says that he hasn't really dealt with things like that, but he says he knows when I'm dealing with them, because he's my "protector."

He says that he believes that I am something called a "Luiseach," and that he is my "Protector."

Can anyone tell me what a Luiseach is, and what the Protector is? And why do I have this connection with a stranger?

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-12)
My answer has two parts. First, simple logic and research. Second, my personal opinion.

First part:

I googled "luiseach" and found, besides the Gaelic origin of the name and its translation as "radiant girl", that there is a purely fictitious Youtube video series about some "Sunshine girl" facing paranormal activities. In the fourth part of the series, Sunshine girl is told she were a "luiseach".
See wikipedia for more details.

Until this point, the whole story up there could be just a result of teenage fancy after watching Sunshine Girl.

But... According to Wiki again, the first part of Sunshine Girl has been published in second half of 2011.
Lindsaykatenoelle however had her first lucid dreams about her "protector", whom she then really met with, several years ago. Long before publication of those videos.

Thus what she reports is more than fancy, though she uses words taken from ordinary video fairytales.

What could be a proper explanation then?

1) The dreams of Lindsaykatenoelle were genuinely lucid, and she really meets with the paranormal.
2) the young man she met with, whom she knew from dreams and vice versa, felt a need to protect her, maybe in real life, maybe on a spiritual plane; this too is all genuine, his lucid dreams and also his good will.

Perhaps there is some love affair developing here - on a deep level, souls mating, not just bodies exchanging chemistry as it is the case in the majority of "love affairs" today. This would be wonderful.

3) But the young man must have watched some SunshineGirl videos before; when talking to Lindsaykatenoelle about the paranormal, then, he made use of the terminology from this series, just for being understood.

It is quite normal for humans to explain spiritual things met with by terms from legends or tales known before. The spiritual experience itself does not lose value by this mechanism. But it can be obscured by the terms from tales used to describe it. One must keep distinguishing between the real experience and the words used to tell others about it. That's all.


Hi Lindsaykatenoelle, it seems you can trust in your spiritual instincts, and most probably also in that young man. You and him must be connected on the soul plane. Perhaps you've been cooperating closely in some past life.

But don't cling too much to the terminology he used, to those words "luiseach" and "protector".
Both of you are "radiant souls", for both of you have lucid dreams and some telepathic trait; and both of you can surely learn to spiritually protect others - at least each other.

Thus do your "spiritual leela" according to the roles given by those names as long as it feels good to you, but remain alert. At every moment, roles of this kind can change. For example it could be him today who protects you, but you tomorrow who must protect him!

If this soul-companionship should become the base of a relationship, or marriage - my best wishes for your shared future, and God bless you.
ShadowFox (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
This is funny, because I happen to be a protector for a person now, who is like a little sister to me, but I digress. What Dreads said seems accurate, and while luisearch may be the term used here, I've also heard it termed as beacon, illumitor, and other terms related to light, shining, or illumination which I have just related to those who are spiritually awakened. They shine a light on the mysterious ethereal fog of the spirit realms and the protector is the one who guards them from any spirits that would seek to harm them, as being a bright light tends to draw unwanted attention.

To be honest you should feel lucky, not many people find their protector so early in life.
Dreads (2 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
Luiseach is a Irish name for females. It is translated into Shining Bright. I think that maybe he is a spirit guide that has physically manifested so you can meet him. That would fit along the lines of having a bond and you being able to read his thoughts.

Although, he could also be somebody reincarnated from a past life and you two have intertwined in each others lives again.

One last possibility exists that i've read about. Theres a story on this site about a woman and a man who were dating. And they've both had the same repetitive apocalyptic dream since they were both kids. And the woman has always had a man that's saved her in her dream in the exact same scenario everytime. Her boyfriend had the same dream and he was saving his girlfriend. And he said he was born to protect his girlfriend.

Back to the name part, maybe you're a lightworker since they're believed to have bright auras.

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