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The Bonds Between Us


I am not a very sensitive person; I don't have visions of things to come, or things that have passed. Occasionally small things happen between my mother and I, like we'll try to call each other at the exact same moment, or be thinking the same thing, but I tend to think that's more of just a mother-daughter bond than anything else.

Only on one such occasion did things start to become very strange for me. Over a period of about a year, my life was turned topsy-turvy, and I'd like to share my experience.

In late 2011, I awoke one morning from a gut-wrenching dream I had had. My husband was in our bed with a strange woman with medium length blonde hair, while I stood by the side of the bed, wondering what in the h#%* was going on. I woke up with a feeling that I did not like, not one bit. I started looking differently at him after that.

I started having feelings of dread, which I put down to holiday and monetary stress. However, I did find out, come Christmastime, that he was indeed cheating on me.

This is not a sob story about it, we have since worked through things, and are at a stable point (for the most part). What I am writing about is what strange things I went through during this upheaval.

However, from that moment on, I could sense whenever he was with her. It didn't matter what he told me, I knew. I would call him and corner him about it. He would tell me that he was at other places, work, a friend's, anything, and I could tell where exactly he was. Maybe this was just paranoia? I'm not sure. I am not what you would call a clingy wife. I find it strange that I knew exactly when to call.

I would have thoughts that did not feel like my own. Thoughts about things I'm not even sure I believed in. We would have knocks on the door in the dead of night, and upon answering, no one would be there. I was woken out of a sound sleep many times to my name being called. My full name, Jillian, which no one ever calls me.

The strangest thing was that I would get the same feeling every single time something happened, this kind of heavy feeling in my stomach. My entire body would shake, I would break out in a cold sweat, and the hair would stand up all over my body. That was always how I knew exactly when he was with her. I have had a couple of paranormal experiences that I also associate with these feelings; one even culminated into an EVP in the room where I felt these symptoms.

We had the big blow out, and resolution. And counseling. Lots of it. And these sensations and feelings and experiences went away. And then August 2012 came and my husband was DJing a friend's party a little bit away, which I was okay with. However, around midnight I got a return of those sensations, and as I did, my husband called my phone and said "Jill, I just want to tell you, that L walked in just now, so I will be going."

I have never in my life had experiences such as these. I've never been able to track someone instinctively like that. My guess is that I was just very in tune with him, and could feel when that bond, if you will, was discordant.

Due to the nature of the situation, I have never associated this phenomenon with anything positive, and I'm not sure why this happened. Did my mind know instinctively that my way of life was being threatened? Or was the bond (on my side) with my husband so strong that I could just tell? I can't be positive, and I am interested to hear some opinions. Thank you.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-15)
I once heard the saying love strings people together orsomething like that (it was a lon time ago I heard it) but mayb you and him are ment to be together and never let someone come between you guys and love is the most powerful sorce of energy thier is sorry for misspelling I'm at school and only have 2-minutes to write this
God bless you
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-04-04)
I think people form a connection with one another, and those that we are close to we can feel. My husband always seems to know where I'm at due to the connection we have. I've been able to do that some (though not as strongly) with him and others, too. So yes, it's normal to be that way.

I think your energy could feel through the bond you have with him that something was wrong or "off". And once you knew the way that particular situation "felt", you were able to tell more easily the next few times what was up because you could place the feeling with a situation. If something feels off, there's usually a reason for it. It could also be that it wasn't just wrong for you; it was wrong for him, too. I believe you could feel that in the core of your being; that it wasn't in line with both of your personal truths. That's why you felt it so strongly?

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