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Correlation Between 3am And Psychic Abilities?


I'm pretty new here, this is my first post I don't even know if it's in the right place, (I hope so!) I have no clue about most of this stuff and I feel I should write another post to figure out everything I'm capable of however my current situation is really bugging me and I need to find out more about it before I overthink things and listen to my mind rather than my intuition, (currently a big problem for me, drawing the line between my logic and higher self)

Some basic background info in case any of this is related, I'm definitely intuitive, I've predicted deaths and loads of other things (through voice (s) in my head and gut feelings) I also think I'm slightly empathic or "sensitive"? I'm super observant with other people's emotions and can sense their feelings by looking at part of their face, I can gather strong thoughts even without the intention of it and in the past few years from time to time I get "Your thoughts are loud. Stop" which I've been lead to believe could be a spirit guide? A few weeks ago I started to feel a negative energy in my home, I always felt watched especially in the shower or when my intuitive feelings were highest. I also believe I was somewhat communicating with someone called 'Sara', I was whispering then receiving this voice in my head and gut feelings. A few things happened and I just knew something wasn't right, long story short I gathered she was maybe a manipulative dark energy and definitely was not what she made out she was. I moved house last week and I know there's a dark energy in one of the other rooms, it looks out onto a massive forest and I have a bad feeling about it.

Also a few weeks ago I read that if you can sense things from 'the other side' and you randomly stop believing in your abilities, sometimes it's not people that put you down, it's other 'things' and I've told my friend and a close adult, they both fully believe in this and are there to help me figure this out. But... I don't really believe in all this anymore, it's crazy, and any time I think about it I'm like wow, this is so stupid, I remember the things the page said like "believe in yourself because things will try to stop you" and I manage to convince myself again, then awake the next morning and think it's all rubbish.

So anyway finally cutting to the chase, I understand there's an internal clock and stuff but the thing is, I don't have to look at a clock to know the time, because as stupid as this sounds, I just know. I just know the time like I can just predict when my next bus will arrive. And a few times this week I've waken up just before 3am? I didn't let myself look at the clock the first couple times because I knew it was 3am or nearly 3am and I seen this thing about Devils hour and I was a bit scared (lol) but that could probably be because I know something has been watching me at those times and I keep feeling something along the lines of 'it's a trick it wants you to look up, do not look up' so I've been rolling over, pulling my cover over my head and going to sleep but I looked at the clock last night, 2.59 am and I had such a bad feeling.

So now I'm just curious if this is maybe my intuition/subconscious waking me up? Because I read somewhere that it's a heck of a lot easier for a demon to possess you in a deep sleep rather than being awake and since its 1 minute before they're most powerful, maybe there's some kind of thing going on here.

Although I'm super curious about everything before the last paragraph, it would be ideal if most comments can help with the previous paragraph rather everything else as I plan to make a new post with all that cool stuff when I recall it and figure some more things out however all help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry to add to this agh, I seen someone comment on a story on here about demons and they said anytime you sense negative energy just say "the blood of Jesus" which I have been doing but I just want to check if this is a good thing to be saying or not?

Thank you x

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lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-07)
Dear Sophie1234
Yes you are just a medium with abilities that is starting to grow.
You are driving a car without knowing the road signs nor how master the wheel!
You must study first, and study a lot!
More details on: The Mediuns' Book and The Spirits' Book both by Allan Kardec
Good study
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-04)
You've described several abilities; empathy, intuition, precognition, clairsentience, and mediumship. Sara may have indeed been a babad/evil enitity, the beings of the spirit realm can sense those here that can connect to their world, and are threatened by us. Therefore they try to deceive, scare, hurt, etc. You're ability of knowing the time might be some type of Chronokinesis or chronosentience more likely. I agree that your intuition may be waking you on the witching hour in protection. Negative energy and beings are strongest between sunset and sunrise, specifically around 3 am, and in corners and shadows. Most demons can not possess a psychic in their sleep, is it possible? Yes, especially if the person is using their abilities in a not so good manner or if it is a very powerful or elder demon. But most do not realize that it is during sleep that most people are most enlightened, because they are mostly unaware of the outside world, and mostly aware of themselves. Feel free to email me at hecatesmagicspell [at] if you have anymore questions
Sophie1234 (3 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-03)
These comments are really helpful beneficial to me, thanks guys 😁
Victoria1893 (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-03)
Hi, the abilities you talked about at the beginning (knowing things,empathy,intuition,predicting) are a sign of your spiritual connections/connection with the spiritual. "if you sense things you stop believing in your abilities" is not 100% true. Lots of people with a natural connection/affinity to spiritual things get scared, they don't want to admit the existence of the spiritual because they have been taught that their whole lives. They know it's there, they know there is a lot more to this world than we "choose to see",but they ignore it as if it never happened, they know it's true/real but they like hanging out with friends/chatting/school/work more. They are scared of what they don't know so they lock it up in the closet. They forget their abilities because of fear and want to go back to their normal mundane lives and that Sara was probably trying to do the same with you.

Knowing the time without a watch is a coordination skill, like flippig a pencil through your fingers,juggling,etc. It means you're aware of what surrounds you.
Jesus was crucified at 3pm and the opposite aka 3am is the witching hour or devils hour. Around 3am, (for some people it starts at 2 am until 4,it depends on the connection and entities) demons and generally dark beings get the strongest. If you feel something watching you, then most probably something IS watching you. You said you're intuitive,it's the same feeling telling your body by waking you up you're not safe.
Demons don't possess randomly people in their sleep (unless the person is dark and corrupted and let's negativity in easy) so don't worry 😁

If you want to talk more about this or spirituality in general feel free to email me vicki.l1893 [at]
Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-01)
Try to communicate with me at ygarza216 [at]
I have to show you some place that will help you out.
twinklebunso14 (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-01)
Yes, you can say that "in the name of Jesus" then continue with your request. I am 19 years old and the already experience that kind of fear. If you want protection. You can search for divine entities protection like archangel... That's the start of every psychic person... If you want not to deceive by other dark side, you must research about protection and divine truth... Because dark entities are trying to deceive us by telling the facts. I don't have any religion but I will assure you that "Jesus Christ" is a powerful word that can defeat dark entities. ❤

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