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Psychic Abilities Or Going Insane?


I have been experiencing more unusual things and am not sure what it is, came here for help. I have uncovered that I am psychic, undeveloped (ish) but psychic nonetheless.

I'm starting to think I'm going a bit insane and people are suggesting maybe there's something mentally wrong but I want to check in with this page rather than assuming I'm half daft and developing schizophrenia (lol).

Ever since around the 23rd of December I haven't been sleeping properly, particularly 24-27th December, I'm usually a quiet sleeper, don't move much in my sleep and when I'm asleep, I'm asleep until morning, usually. Over this time period I've been rolling around a lot, finding it hard to sleep and my sleep has been light and easily disturbed, when I did go to sleep I kept waking up and feeling a bit 'off'. I felt before I slept someone was at the bottom corner of my room watching me and progressed closer every night.

On the 25th I couldn't sleep for at least a few hours more than normal. I woke up in the night twice (of which I can remember) and there was a hand on my side, I felt comforted by it at the time but not so much now as you can imagine. The second time I woke up there was something in my bed and I remember half rolling over and realising there was something there and I turned back over in a bit of a panic that I'd woken them up and I was scared I was going to wake them so stayed in that position, half asleep, trying not to move until I fell back asleep.

Didn't remember this at all when I first woke up, a few hours later I sat up and remembered there was something there, leapt out of bed and I stood scared in the corner of my room until it all came back to me, I got an image in my head of the hand on my side, it was pure black, a little smoky at the edges and I could see the bones in their hand, as if transparent (an X-ray effect). This is all I can remember from that night but didn't sleep well the next week or so.

Possibly unrelated but also, a few days ago I was sitting on the computer, felt a bit sick and really lethargic, cancelled plans to go out that day for no real reason really. About 8pm I started to go a bit mad for no apparent reason, still not sure why it happened but I got really worked up and started panicking and crying in about 15 minutes, was hearing things and voices and I had my eyes shut with my hands over my face and I was looking around with my eyes closed because I convinced myself I could see things? (Things being ghosts demons spirits etc) Then I realised that was absolutely crazy, causing me to cry more because I thought I was driving myself insane. I felt like my mind was so crowded and it was overwhelming me (this has happened to me once before in my friends attic that just wasn't right at all, it had thousands of dead flies, possibly hundreds of thousands, which still remains unexplained for that matter). I just couldn't think straight I felt like things were watching me and I started rocking and freaking out, bit down on my hand pretty hard then realised I had to get out, I ended up leaving my house in tears, ready to be sick, stomach doing backflips, must've been around 9.45pm when I was walking down to a friends house it all disappeared, my mind went quiet, all feelings had just disappeared. The best way to describe it was I felt like part of me had just died and I wondered if someone I knew had just passed away but there has been no news to me of anyone dying so I don't think that's it. If anyone can help with what this might be I'd really appreciate it.

Another final thing, I don't have the best hearing but the last couple days I feel like I've been hearing more than I should or am physically able to hear. When I was going to sleep last night I kept seeing eyes, people screaming, crying and dying in the darkness, could well be my imagination though. But I was hearing a bell ringing when I was trying to go to sleep, like a cow bell or something, don't know where it came from. I've been hearing vibrations and ringing sounds, no idea where from, not the neighbours as my house is the only detached one in the street. I could hear the vibrations and a ringing noise coming from the shower a few hours ago which I've never heard before.

Whenever I light a candle in my room it always flickers and dances, never thought anything of it until my friend was weirded out by her own candle and sarcastically said there was a ghost in her room. Lit a candle today, again never took me by surprise as it flickered like mad. There's no drafts in my room, my door is always shut my window is always shut but I did look into it earlier and people said to try asking the name of the ghost and yes or no questions, I asked it, if it was there, to still the flame and to flicker the flame, the flame finally stayed still longer than a split second, it stayed still until I had asked to flicker it again, I asked to draw the flame upwards, the flame was pulled up and flickered for a few seconds before going back to normal.

I just really want all these unusual things to be solved or solved in a way that I know what's going on at least.

Any help is hugely appreciated, thank you.

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YourMirror101 (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-17)
My insomnia developed into intense visions, many of which have come true. I considered my "illness" my psychic training, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I have one of the worse case scenarios, I experience kriyas, some quite intense. If you know that this is normal though then the teachings can take their course without being interrupted by fear of the process. Just let go and let yourself experience, it is chaotic at first, but then it starts to train you and make you wise. Your abilities will develop more and more, perhaps even energy healing abilities, this is common.
YourMirror101 (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-17)
Yes I read about Sara on your other post, I just clicked on your name and it came up. Sara came through my daughter as an imaginary friend that would describe how her friends died. I think she was lying to sap energy, since that is what they most commonly do. The Sara that you had might be connected to mine somehow, but who knows if it is really the same, since there are so many ways to hide the truth in the spirit realm. A daemon might have seen that I had a "Sara" and since it connected with you via our correspondence pretended to be Sara or maybe even was a separate energy. I simply don't judge it. You don't want to feed it belief. If you don't believe them they are under obligation to prove something, and that is when they become helpers. I would say Sara is your helper but don't follow it around. You catch it tricking and it has to help you. Like the old legends, you catch the trickster, like a leprechaun, and it grants you a boon, some kind of magic. It's mythical stuff but part of our experience living is the mythical, like Carl Jung the famous psychologist says, we all share the mythical in our psyche. We might even simply be multi dimensional antennas that are picking up on these beings from other worlds. That is what I like to think. I am always trying to improve my reception. Beware of docs like I said that try to make it go away. Its a great gift.
Sophie1234 (3 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-17)
Thanks for all the help so far.
YourMirror101 have you read one of my other stories I put up?
I believe I have had a connection with Sara before.
Here is an extract from the piece about Sara that I wrote around a year ago:
"I also believe I was somewhat communicating with someone called 'Sara', I was whispering then receiving this voice in my head and gut feelings. A few things happened and I just knew something wasn't right, long story short I gathered she was maybe a manipulative dark energy and definitely was not what she made out she was."

Could this be the same spirit/entity?
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-16)
Hiya Sophie1234!
Thank-you for your article, and after reading the comments, it seems that some people really feel very strongly connected to your story. I understand that you came here and that you want help, and I really do hope that you find answers but unfortunately, more often then not, we do not get all of the answers.
I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people, if they are honest with themselves, have some sort of scary experience which often has to do with our sixth-sense. Often, you'll only become aware of it if;
You haven't slept well for a few days.
You are going through a really difficult or stressful time.
An event uprooted your life.
You are reaching a state whereby how you see the world changes drastically or you get super emotional more of the time, maybe a specific age.
You reach an "age of transformation" whereby if you are psychic or sense-able, you become more aware of that kind of things and it can be difficult, upsetting and confusing.
You are in a space or area where para-activity or even just energy is more active and stronger.
And many, many other ways, too...
Maybe, you are "picking up" on the energy around you for the first time because of one or other reasons. It can be really hard, uncomfortable and confusing. To combat the bad things in our lives that we cannot explain away, we have to find a way to make the same amount of good in our lives. If you get claustrophobic at home, then go out and get busy. Go and have a coffee with your friends, take up an activity like pottery, painting, learning a new language or gym!
And when you find yourself feeling a particular/peculiar way, don't freak out! Everybody feels crazy some times, everybody gets hysterical, everybody freaks out, you are no different to any human being in that way. If you need to, take a pen and paper and write down what comes to mind, and if you feel crazy, ITS OK! You can always throw the paper away or burn it, later.
Most of all, find a better way to feel safe. I find if I have some music on or if I light incense in my room and sit down and just think about good things for like 30 minutes for example, "I am a good person. I can trust myself. I am a powerful and spiritual person. I have a good set of brains. I will accomplish a lot of good in my life," I sleep a lot better.
Funny thing, actually, I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia when I was 18 years old. I was on serious medication, just short of Rohypnol when I discovered that taking out my school books and studying or reading made me fall asleep in less than 5 minutes!

I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I wish you all of the best!
YourMirror101 (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-16)
I have a few suggestions from my own experience and perspective. I have been having visions for years, my whole life really. I'm in my 30's now. First off, you need to have a caveat emptor with any info that comes into your awareness, including anything I say. In fact I would say that it is the intention of all to lead you astray a bit, not because we are not well meaning, but because we think we can help when it is hurting. Our way doesn't work for you. So, just take the wisdom that you can and integrate it, discerning what doesn't serve. I remain agnostic and aloof, kind of science minded, open to anything but I can reject an opinion if new evidence is presented. I like to think that the universe is basically logical so utilize logic 101 to be aware of the fallacies for a solid argument. Spot them, don't be deceived if it doesn't make any sense. Wikipedia logical fallacies.

I wonder what age you are, or age range? Visions tend to hit people at certain prevalent ages is why. There is a development process going on. Some start quite young as kids whose "imaginations" are actually their psychic multidimensional sight, and start learning directly from guides, usually family lineage energies. I am kind of like that. I have childhood helpers I have unified with. I will explain how to do this. It's how to understand and heal from the darker side of the experience. It has a light and dark side to it. Are your family members psychic or are there psychics in your lineage? Often times the same daemon helper is setting up a portal in the whole family, aligning it with other lineage soul groups or tribes.

I would like to introduce you to the concept that you have a lifelong gift to manage, that can make you ill at times potentially, so there is no reason to fear it even though it likes to torture. It has a dark side, it is because it has to balance the dark energies with the light energies 50/50, but you learn to cast the dark energies on others so they don't hurt you too much, this sounds kind of bad but really it shares the dark energy load, and reaches a point of maximum dark trickiness and reverses to light energy, it's how the magic works, so to speak. We all have differing energy mixes and can handle energy differently, so pass it off to the person who needs it too, this hurts them but ultimately initiates them as they unify with this energy, or learn it really. It gets recorded on your knowingness when you have transcended it, you are it now, you mastered it. Energy after energy is accumulated this way, new energies are learned, and like chemistry, have differing effects and properties how they react with other energies. Soul energies, auras, life force, manna or get your thesaurus or whatever. This is the basic definition of transcendence. Learning these energies that trick so they can stop tricking. You become the trickster in the process though. It's just action and reaction though, not anything to be guilty about if it causes harm. It heals too you know. It's simply polarity. The energy and what it does never changes, it's just what the fabric of reality is eternally made of, it simply moves, shifts, changes in reaction to other energies. I like to think of it as white light, which contains all the colors of the rainbow, the spectrum is the same as the chakra colors, which are different powers. Any energy spectrum is a good analogy really. Its all energy spectrums.

The dark energy is the death energy, your reaper. It comes in scary forms. Spirits, or simply illustrations in the 3rd eye or other senses. My agnosticism likes to term it "what would be commonly called spirits", or "the phenomena of spirits". Spooky energy. It saps your soul, soul suckers. This causes fear, this is needed though to see clearly the other side. Without the sappage, your guides would have nothing to work with to give back as light energy, they take, then give, in the form of a vision or power. Sometimes a miracle, many people waking up see miracles, it's common. In India, kriyas and siddhis occur. I experience mudra kriyas, but they are non-cultural specific, those just happen to be India terms. India has 4000 years of written lineage practices and documentation of spiritual epiphanies, so it is a good reference, but so are other lineages. Some of my ancestry called them runes, but I have mixed ancestry.

You have to simply wake up naturally is what I am getting at here. Don't go after some charismatic leader or group, you have a gift, that is a direct link to a whole inner university, your not like others who don't attend the school. Many of us do though, you will meet us here sometimes on the other side studying away in the inner visionary world. We sometimes meet on the inside then later on, the outside. For example my guide informed me of a Sophia a few days ago, before I found you on the internet. They never are 100% accurate but I would say that's darn close to having you manifest in my outside reality. I see in vision, then I see the person. I've met a lot of people this way, psychically seeing them first.

Get some wisdom from others, but ultimately let everything go. Don't grasp to so called truth. Science knows better than this. There could be more info down the road that changes everything. Remain detached from what you learn, not knowingness is best. You have to not know to know, because the inner void of not knowingness kills the energy, gulps it, it's your spiritual mouth to make you healthy and strong. Don't judge the energy, it neutralizes and it becomes your nutritious energy.

Daemon, the Greek term, is both light and dark. Socrates had a Daemon. Demons are also angels, in other words. God and the devil are the same being, in fact it says so in the Old Testament, Yaweh does both good and evil. Just another daemon. Just like a human, really. If you look at it that way then the fear of that bad goes away. If I see the devil, or a demon, I know it's just a mask. Hi Jesus, I know your hiding behind it! Basically. Theoretically who controls who anyway, if there was a devil, wouldn't Jesus be in control of it? Thereby responsible for it too, it's not your problem really.

Let the inner knowledge come. It will correct the outer knowledge lies. There is inner lie too you have to get through. Nonsensical stuff. Everything mirrors as polarity it seems so the nonsensical balances because there is a sensical side to reality too. It's typically the nonsense or scary that bombards first, before it breaks through to light and truth. It's a cyclic pattern. Everything is. Learn the pattern, master it, become what is called a master. If you're of European lineage like me, you would be a called a witch, that's the term they used back in the days. You have to train as one though, beware of the tricks. The so called spirits lie as much as they can get away with. You have to catch them lying, trap them instead of them trapping or hexing you. They think of it as a game. They will do everything possible to frighten. It's kind of scary when some of your visions come true and you get really bad ones. Sometimes the bad ones happen too. Detach. There is nothing you can do. Don't fight fate. There are a lot of false prophecies too so never follow the visions or guides, they have to prove themselves.

Look up shaman sickness, kundalini awakening, kundalini yoga, but ultimately don't follow. Be your own way. You learn to escape portals aka hexes by not being under their psychic influence, this is by going your independent way. I just learned about a form of yoga called siddha yoga. The key to it is once one's kundalini begins to awaken, once the fire is lit, there is no need to do anything, it takes care of the process. Do nothing. That is my practice. No formal practice at all. Let it do the practice, which it does, with kriyas, trances, and most important to learn about, synchronicities. Time warps. The simplicity behind it is basically the realization that ultimately there is no free will, so essentially nobody "does" anything anyway, we just are, and so don't "do" anything simply detaches from the ego deception because things do happen anyway, like kriyas.

Also, be aware of what mainstream doctors think about this stuff. Most really don't know how to deal with it, and many have primitive close minded views about it or worse, greed takes over and you get diagnosed with something that can make them rich as they continually treat you. Stay away unless a diagnosis can benefit you, disability for example if the spirits make you sick with kriyas. Don't take pills to make the daemon trainers go away. That is saying no to enlightenment and is not wise via common sense. Study the psychology that integrates these experiences as normal human experiences that people have been having for millions of years. Transcendental psychology, Carl Jung is a good one, his archetype idea is seems accurate. Learn for artists too, rock stars, read between the lines of the poetry. Scriptures are poetic works of art. They depict the archetypal teachings. Learn who Joseph Campbell is too. He studies the historical perspective. We all go through this hero's journey he talks about, it's a pattern in the psyche.

You will notice us wizards and witches come out of the woodwork to help you at seeming random. When the student is ready, the master appears. We all initiate each other really. I get initiated by kids who have wisdom greater than my own, so am a humble grown up. I never really grow up. I'm still kid energy. We all have different powers to gift each other. In native american traditions these powers were symbolized as animal helpers, they can be gifted to each other. You gift me your psychic power and I gift you mine. Spiritual deal. Don't ever have a single guru psychic reigner, bad, you need to be the one with the reigns. You are like the siddha people, do nothing, follow no one. But observe the magic.

You are being watched btw. I was watching you, before I met you online. I was casting dark energy on you, that is why I got your name. It is usually other psychics looking at you with an inner eye that makes you feel like you are being watched. Its no a lie! You watch others too though. Learn watching. It's evil eye, but you give the energy back with good eye. Fair deal. It just takes some dark scary energy to portal in to get info. Jesus taught good and evil eye. Its found in many cultures. Careful where you look, you have one you know. You can kill dark energies with it though so look wisely. Clean this planet up of bad energies like I do. Join the ranks of earth's energetic janitorial services.

Also from a mental health perspective you are probably schizoaffective, or bi-polar with borderline schizo from the looks off it, not that I am a doc but that is probably what they would call you, and then hook you onto some kind of drug. Don't fear labels, I get paid with mine. I get disability for being schizoaffective myself. Insomnia with visions. Please make a more informed decision than mainstream medical science. You're a shaman. History confirms it. Go with millions of years of history rather than 100 years of cocky "I know best and you better do what I say or your dumb" science. These so called illnesses are simply a spectrum, everybody experiences symptoms of them, even normal so called sane people, it's just a spectrum of how intense or how they affect your life. There is a famous quote that the insane is in the same ocean as the mystic but the mystic learns to swim, mastery in other words. Master it, don't let it master you. Do nothing, master. False prophecies will die in your inner void. True prophecies will become clear.

As for your "hallucinations", sometimes they allude to prophecy, so take note, but detach. Don't let them bother you. Carl Jung saw WWI in vision as blood everywhere before it happened. People dying might be in other realms, or other times, past or future. Time is different on the other side. Not really linear like we normally think. Many entities sap energy by causing people to die, so you may be seeing a daemon do this, it might be using your energy as a battery for this purpose. Common from my experience. Get out of it's hex is my recommendation, by doing nothing. Don't die as a used battery. Get transcendence. Time warps, and other dimensions overlap this one. Most visions I have are simply dimensional mix ups or overlaps. I see into many realms. The more you can see into them the more power you accumulate, more magic. Kinda the opposite of docs and employers that want the visions to go away so you can be a "normal productive part of society". That is not how it was with shamans, people like you were made tribal leaders, not looked down on as crazies. That's after the training period though, get through to some inner guidance.

Also, there is an energy in my lineage who calls herself "Sara" and might be the same one you saw, since we have a psychic connection. Probably sharing the same guide. She tells stories of how she and other's she knew died from what I remember. I just let it all go. Don't follow a trickster into darkness, no matter who they claim to be. Remain detached and transcend the lies.
tINp (6 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-12)
Sophie1234-I can answer many of your questions. I understand things your parents and society don't. Here are a few brief points:

(1) Reality is NOT what mainstream education and culture teach or encourage. Reality is multi-dimensional.
(2) You are NOT going insane. You are very, very blessed.
(3) You have been born into an age where humans are evolving. Since it is a gradual process, those not yet aware or awakened or evolving as fast... Think all the others claiming psychic abilities are just insane. They are fooled by movies like X-Men that program their conscious to be skeptical.
(4) The dark being with a skeletal hand that you saw... Was a HUMAN... Whose physical body had passed, but the person still has consciousness and is now lives in their spirit or astral body. When people "die", they actually just move to a higher, more ethereal dimension. They still exist as people. They are NOT ghosts. (the vast majority of the time). Those who hang out around Earth... Are Earthbound spirits. They really should move on, but they haven't... Clearly.
(5) Demons don't really exist. When a person dies... Their level of evolution/love_consciousness is reflected in their spirit bodies appearance. If they don't evolve in the after life they get darker and scarier in appearance (and WEAKER!).

Conversely, humans in spirit_body who increase their love get brighter and more powerful.

6) There are many dimensions of reality... And they all exist right HERE, but invisibly interwoven with this one operating at different frequencies.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

I am here to help.:)

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