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Tough Childhood


I'm native from Costa Rica, i'm 17 years old, and this my history.

-When I was more younger, around 7 or 8 years, I started to seing things, mostly of them, was related to my dreams, some others turns into reality, the fact, that one night when I was sleeping, I felt something that jump on my bed and then goes away, I was unable to said a word in that exactly moment, something that I would never forget, the time pass as usual, and the situation in my home everyday seemed worst, my beloved 'Mum' she start to consuming drugs and alcohol, one day she came very late to our little rent flat, and then she fall's down to the floor, with twelve years, I was crying, thinking about if she's dead, what I supposed to do?

-I get a little closer, and instantly I felt some sort of shivers, I don't know how to explain myself in this part, every seconds become heavier, and suddenly a lot of images, moments, people than I don't even know in my whole life, appears in my mind, I was crying, like seeing all the sins in all humanity history, I started to pray, my mum woke up, and hug me like she never does before.

In the next years, that was in 2012, she's been struggling with the bottle, definitely quite the drugs, now she had a partner, it seems a good person, nowadays 09|01|17 I can't sleep and I got the same feeling from that day with my mother, totally afraid by the darkness, I saw some shadows, lights, Jesus Christ, I tried to avoid them but it's impossible, how I can face my past? Help me, everything in my life took me to this website.

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Avi (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-16)
As carriwill said, those spirits are definitely attached to your mother. Her struggle and her pain draws in and invites negative energies into your home. They feed off of these negative emotions...fear, sorrow, anger, pain, frustration, and so on.
I'm SO sorry that you are experiencing this. As long as you are living under the same roof as your mother, the most you can do is try to protect yourself. Prayer is an important aspect here. Do not let negative emotions consume you or break you down. Stay strong!

Here is a link to my blog- it will definitely give you a lot more insight... Let knowledge empower you with the tools to protect yourself.

carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-15)
I think you are seeing those shadows. They unclean spirits from your mother's drug addictions. These are spirits of that are attached to your mother. Or they got released in the home from her addictions. You happen to see them. I can see the same thing. You have a gift to see unclean spirits. Something brought those spirits into the house. You need to just keep praying out loud. If you need help email me at unofficalpsychicdetective [at]

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