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Childhood Fantasies On The Supernatural?


Even before my earliest memories my parents recall me freaking them out with various ghost stories. My mom and dad would say it was creepy and weird. As early as I had learned how to speak a little I was pointing to people who weren't there. This all happened, according to them, prior to my ever having seen a ghost movie. In my earliest memory I had already figured out that telling other people a ghost or "certain people" were there was a bad thing. I always kept what I saw to myself and tried not to talk to new people until I knew others took notice of them too.

After awhile I became able to sort them away from normal people, and that's where the trouble started. I don't know if It is just because I became conscious of them or if there was just something about me or if I was paranoid, but once I became conscious of them being different they were all hostile. This happened sometime when I was 4-6. They essentially scared the heck outta me whenever they showed up. Every time one was around I felt if I turned my back, if I tried to hide, it would get me. Every time I felt or saw one I stared it down until either it left or I felt a safe distance away.

Around the same time the ghosts became hostile I started getting dreams of a light aura clashing with a dark aura. In these dreams I was always a spectator, watching them clash. Though I could tell it was a fight of sorts it was kind of confusing as neither actually hurt each other. I think the dark aura was the first to notice me watching. That could be the reason the ghosts became hostile. The dark aura came to dwell outside the windows of my bedroom, just watching. After so many times dreaming of the auras pushing against each other I sort of noticed my own sort of aura. At the time I guess I thought my aura would have been kind of bluish. I tried pushing it against the spirits I felt threatened me like I'd seen the two big auras doing to each other. It worked, I managed to keep them away from me, or at least a comfortable distance, but it was an unrefined sort of way of doing so. I just kind of let my aura "flow" in their direction. I can't quite remember all that well what exactly it did but it felt like I suppressed the threat I felt from them by doing so. This all I had figured out when I was 5-6ish. They were some of the earliest memories I have.

A while after that I figured out a better means by which to keep spirits away. This was sometime when I was 6-9 I think. I learned in school or something about having a comfort bubble, and I kind of just brought that to a literal meaning. I just pushed out my aura to make a bubble of protection around myself. This helped me out a lot because I could keep them at a distance without acting to weird to others. Though it freaked me out whenever they grouped up on me just outside my bubble.

Sometime after that when I was 8 or 9 I figured out I was stronger than them, and not just by a little. Of course being a kid and them being what went bump in the night I found myself sleeping better at night by experimenting my power on them. I began to tap more into my aura and started trying to find ways to get rid of the ones who threatened me the most for good. I began to I guess pierce and invade the auras of the spirits I encountered, trying to manipulate them like I did my own.

Eventually I figured it out and discovered a way to truly eliminate them. I tore them apart, not like a person though. I more or less manipulated their aura so they could not recognize theirself. I turned them into what I suppose would be not void but just non-existence. Finally when I was 10 or 11 I began to manipulate the spirits in a different way. I manipulated them, not to become nothingness, but to I suppose act as part of my own aura. After doing this to so many spirits I felt powerfull. I created bubbles on bubbles, barriers I felt impenetrable to any spirits. Though the light and dark auras I felt could still crush me any time they desired. I was always still fearful that something would get me, so I continued to gain power wherever I could.

When I was 11 or 12 I began to notice the light aura around random places. I felt it lightly present almost anywhere I went, but it never felt bad like all other auras did.

I was 12 when I encountered what I think we're most likely what one would call demons. They did not have horns or anything of the sort nor did they feel bad like a spirit might. It was like each one was an individual void of sorts. Each was somehow different but I don't remember clearly. The difference between them and spirits is they did not seem to exist on this plane. They were like a representation of something somewhere else. Since they did not exist on this plane they were not affected by my barriers, they simply acted like they didn't exist. Though I suppose they didn't exist except in my head.

The demons tormented me for days, until I found a means to destroy them as well. Since I could not affect them in this plane I pulled them, along with myself, into my own aura. Except it didn't feel like just a visualization anymore. It felt as though I were in my own soul, my own aura. At the time it happened my aura seemed a dark purple. My aura within me was a plane entirely seperate from the one where demons and light and dark auras existed. None would be able to enter my aura without my help and any who entered would be at my mercy. For they would be inside my realm. I drew the demons inside my own aura and there they were simple puddy in my hand. I broke them down and turned them into my own power. After that situation, I was done playing with the supernatural.

I prayed to god often to help me be normal and forget everything about those things. I asked that I would be protected from evil, and that in exchange I would try to help the world become a better place. I begged he use my power if it would help with the inconvenience. In the few years after that I became more aware of reality.

I noticed I didn't have friends in school. I noticed I was getting bad grades. I realized I was so focused on myself and my child fantasies I was doing nothing but fantasizing. I realized what I remember from being a kid could have just been my imagination, or maybe it wasn't. I'm quite certain it doesn't matter anymore though. If god or the light aura I thought I felt protects me that's great. I believe in god, and am religious, but I think that is quite independent of my childhood experiences. I'm now 18, I figure whether it was real or not, so long as I pursue making this world a better place, though I feel I should anyways, everything will be okay.

I still feel spirits around from time to time but I never see them anymore. I feel I could if I wanted to, but I don't. The spirits sometimes seem almost scared of me. Though I'm still a good bit scared of them. If I had to say the color of my aura now I would say it was a cool shiny gold. I don't have any answers I am really seeking, I am more or less just stating this. I have big plans to make reality a better place for people to be and spirits and the like are irrelevant. I guess I'm just sharing for the sake of a good story from possibly mistaken memories for all the supernatural lovers out there. I really don't see there being any sort of way to prove supernatural things exist. At least unless one of the big fish such as god, the Holy Spirit, the devil, etc decided to. The only thing we can all do is make reality better, while proceeding with a bit of caution on the supernatural.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-18)
I seen a demon they are ugly and scary lookin imagin his it happened to me I feelt a little girl talk I woke up to see a girl with black eyes and I said who are you and it said in a deep dark voice what is it to you it got in my face I swear it breath smelt like Doritos and it grew qnd transformed into a evil black eye thing at least seven foot it was in my face I was petrified but I knew not to be scared it was laughing at me and I saidare you suppose to scare me then I felt sytength inside ne I didn't know I had and just stared at it sayingyou be banished from this relm but get this it happened on a blood moon about 4days ago so yes I hhave been through it

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