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Supernatural Power - Or Is It A Guardian Angel Over Me?


This is what has happened to me today (01/31/18). That story will lead to next below to prove it to you that I am not crazy or imagining things.

I am a librarian. As I was shelving a book I had it in my hand and was looking at the alphabetical order, so I could put it in a right place. As I am holding the book and looking the book vibrates (just like a cell phone would). At first I am thinking in my head. This is not my hand, this is weird, but it's a book. I feel this book vibrating just like a cell phone does. So thinking that there is a bug or something weird in the book I freak out, scream OUCH! And drop the book. Clearly felt it vibrating! I pick up the book, flip the pages, but there is nothing in it. - and there is nothing wrong with it. I get a chill. Another librarian sees me and asks me what append? I said, I think I just received some kind of paranormal sigh (and I get a chill over my body).

This is what happened few years back in 2006. I drive back from preschool in my car. My toddler sits at the back. Car before me does not put the signal to turn right, I am just behind him, too late to press the breaks. Hands on a wheel. Then a powerful force steers my car wheel to right eliminating me crashing into the car that just slowed down and turning left. Still my hands are on the steering wheel of the car and I just realized something just saved me.

Am I having a guardian angel or a spirit of my past relative helping me or sending me signs?

Please help.

Also I inherited from my mom this: If my dreams are strong I would wake up and know the dream has a meaning of some kind. So far, it has not failed me.

I am a believer in God and Angels and paranormal.

Can someone explain to me is there an angel or something else over me that I have these kinds of experiences throughout my life.

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awaken56 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-07)
Hi I have been experiencing the same and much more since the age of three. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and an empath. Was lead here as I usually am, lead to help others by my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

What you both have experienced is your Guardian Angels, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides interceding and stopping harm from coming to you. What you need to do is give thanks, say thank you all the time, ask them to continue to watch over you, to lead you down the path where you must go and they will. Now as far as the book, well that is a little different, you were picking up on an entity who was in the library at the same time and just wanted you to release the book. I am really not going to get deep into the reason why as it has no baring on this. You are gifted and you should really start, meditating, speaking with your Spirit Guides, The Arch Angels and most importantly The Creator.

When one is gifted you are sensitive and will pick up on things that others are not open to. Your dreams are most likely premonitions. Have a bed side diary and as soon as you wake up write them down see how long it takes before they come to fruition.

Nothing that you have described here should make you afraid. You are both being protected and guided. Open yourselves up to The Divine, meditate, talk to your Spirit Guides, The Arch Angels as they would love to work with you. Love and Light to both of you
Confused_human (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-06)
Ok so you mean to say that things just happen and save you? And also that you feel chill running down your spine. And that something is saving you?

I have been also having the same issues since a long time and I'm still trying to find answers. I stumbled upon this site and I hope I get something.

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