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Can I Talk To Spirits?


A few years ago my mom went to a physic, she never really told me what the physic told her but a few months ago she told me that the physic told her that I had a gift but when I went to school I closed my mind to it. We were pretty sure we knew what the gift was. When I was younger I always used go to the door and talk to a girl that died in a car crash with her grandma. This is from what I remember my mom telling me I'm almost certain that's what happened and I don't want to ask my mom again because I'm too nervous. The only part I'm not sure about is the grandma but the girl was definitely there. I'm not really sure if I'll ever be able to do it again but it seems weird to just get rid of something I was born with. I don't want to tell anyone I know about it because they'll probably think I was joking and one of my friends even jokes about talking and seeing ghosts (it's actually not really joking it's use lying). I know my friend is defiantly lying about that because he just looks a air and pretends to be talking to someone and from what I've read before it's usually the spirit that comes to you not you coming to the spirit. I'm wondering if I can still talk to spirits or if I can try to "open my mind" again. I'm not that scared but it still creeps me out a bit. I'm also only 13 and I've moved out of the house that I talked to the girl in. I'm really not even sure if this anything since I've read some peoples story's on this site and they've had a lot more experiences that me but I still want help with finding anything out with the one experience I've had.

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Celest21 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-28)
Dear Book_Cat, I can understand your puzzling and I 'll try to explain few things. Is not weird that you had something and one day you lost it. Children are more to the spirit side then here, that gets clear when children are around 3yo. It tends to fade away at 7 and at 9 is out of the picture and funny enough out of the memory as well. One day someone will tell you do you remember how you used to talk with him or her or that imagine friend? And that question will open a window to your memory. Typical! Everybody has the ability either spontaneously or can be learn, to contact with spirits. The question is why one should do so? Why would you like to do that? I know is charming, will give you a lot but it will take you a lot as well. I would suggest don't try to find a purpose in life but live your life with purpose, it will give meaning later on! Your intuition will grow with years and you will find guidance and help and all the messages you need. Keep your heart honest and clear, pray and it will come when the time and the reason is right! Blessings!
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-16)
I have but when I was little my mom would see me drawing sighns and sje asjed me what it was and I told her its me qnd him I pointed to a corrner of the room (that corrner was light) and I looked up a Wicca book my friend has and here are the sighns love welth and intelligence. But lately I have been seeing the sighns a lot l so yes I have been through what you have been through

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