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Strange Occurrences From Childhood To Now


For most of my childhood I have experienced strange things. I never thought anything of them because I always tried to be rational. When I started getting into the paranormal in my teens, I looked back on the things I had experienced as a kid. One thing that I can always remember happening (in my child years and my teens) is hearing someone saying 'hey' in a whispering sort of way or shushing me like a librarian would to a loud child. I'm an only child so there was no other kid to be doing it, also my grandmother stayed on the main floor of the house due to her arthritis, so it was always when I was by myself. Shadows were also a thing I would see every now and again throughout the time I lived in that house. Now flash forward to they time I was about 17. My mom and I moved into apartments and my grandma went to live with my aunt. Nothing happened in the few years that I lived there. Now moving on to the very beginning of 2017 to present, I went from living in the Midwest to a small town in Mississippi. I recall having this one dream about my fiancées moms house, it started out fairly normal then took a turn to me using a pendant and seeing a shadow figure in her kitchen. Now her moms house isn't but maybe 10-15 years old and we live right behind it in a small cottage. My fiancée has a young son and she told me stories of him when he was 3 saying that something lived in his closet and the attic in this cottage. I'm not sure if it's the land that we're on, but it's almost similar to the house I grew up in as a child, I have the same feelings in certain areas like I did as a kid. As a kid I used to bolt up the stairs because I had this sense of dread and panic rush over me. Now 15 years later at 22 it's the same thing. When I return home from work I almost always sprint up the stairs to the front door and if I have to get up at night and leave the bedroom I always feel super nervous. Just recently I started experimenting with the pendulum (basically a fairly heavy metal moon on one of those necklace chains). I asked it a few questions and actually got responses, I felt a warmth rush over me and it was like my whole body was wrapped in a warm blanket. My fiancée wasn't as excited because she was convinced I was moving it even though my arm was on a table and stationary. About two weeks later we're laying down in bed and I hear someone whisper my name. My fiancée was dead asleep so it was just me awake.

If someone could enlighten me on what this could mean that would be great. I've been curious about it for so long but never could figure out what it could or couldn't be.

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