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I'm new to being a medium & it's not easy because people think I'm crazy even people I grew up with. Recently I started talking to an old friend who lost loved ones. When I tell him about the lost ones he loves he doesn't believe me. One of his loved one's doesn't love him anymore. I told him that & well he doesn't believe me. But it's better I tell him now then when he finds it out 75yrs or more down the road & waste's his time when he could have enjoyed being in love with someone else. I guess she found someone else in heaven to love & that loves her. Yes I know it's heartbreaking but well it's what she tells me. They were young too & people change & feelings change.I'm not making it up for personal gain or changing her way of thinking of him for personal gain. But he knew about of this before we started talking by phone. But for me it's really not easy being a medium who hear's the ghosts the only one i've seen is my mom. But with being a medium,I'm also telepathic & a physic. It's been a rough 48wks & counting on I guess. Although mine's supposed to be temporary the one year anniversary is coming up in June. I just maybe stuck with it forever if things don't change. Which I hope it isn't because being a telepath isn't easy when people use it for evil or take advantage of it for personal gain. The part that messes me up is listening to people's hate & violence. It's hard to balance it all because people are convinced I'm crazy I have no one to lean on whose supportive I'm left to the wolves.

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Brandisdesigns (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
I am new to it as well and I definitely don't tell everyone because a few I have told pretty much discredit what I have to say and think I'm loosing it. But that doesn't stop me into digging deeper and seeing what all I have the ability to do. I've noticed a few things. I can see aura and I have this overwhelming urge to heal people. The downside is I feel like I take on whatever it is I help them with. Not physically but it just feels like heaviness on my body. I sage and it feels better. I can feel energy and spirits but I haven't yet seen any only what I thought was something out of the corner of my eye. I had a child spirit tug on my shirt once. I didn't see her but I sensed her and she was happy I was there to help. I was volunteering my time as a hotline operator at a secure home for people involved in human trafficking. I don't think you are crazy and I came here as well looking for a community where I can meet others like you as well. I hope what you are sensing isn't temporary. I think you are becoming who you were meant to be. Good luck and I hope to see you in this forum more.
HahaSasha (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-03)
That must be difficult. Perhaps making friends on these types of website might help. I'm not a medium but have always wished for it because I hate that I can sense things but its never as concrete as seeing or hearing stuff so I feel crazy sometimes... I'd be more than happy to lend a listening ear if you ever want to get things off your chest! Mediumship is something I have always been interested in and had a respect for.

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