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Use Psychic Protection; A Tip For New Psychics


I have been psychic ever since I was a child. I have astral projected, I have healed with my hands, I predict and feel vibes, and I can call myself familiar with different planes. However this has always been dangerous and it has made me a target. As I can see things, feel things that are supernatural, they are good in some cases but others misleading.

My experience with demons has never been kind. They used to hold me down in my sleep and cause me sleep paralysis throughout my teenage years. One time I woke immediately from a gnarly nightmare and I couldn't move. I couldn't even speak in my own head until I was able to squeeze out a cry for help in my own mind. It was scary, but it helped me learn how to be safe.

I feel as though I need to warn new psychics or people finally coming to terms and accepting their abilities. Our clairvoyance is a gift, but it needs to be taken care of and protected. Get involved with the wrong spirit, meddle too much with something you haven't trusted, then you can wind up with a psychically transmitted demon.

As you can see I am comparing demon attacks to STDs only to get a chuckle.

My mother taught me a true way to keep myself safe on a psychic plane. That is called rebuking. Has anyone ever heard of that term besides me?

Rebuking is using the Lord's name to cast all evil away. Use your higher power to cast away all demonic forces. In an event where you are practicing clairvoyance, protect yourself. One way to practice rebuking or even get proof that rebuking helps you is simple. If you have ever had a sudden ear ringing and you are the only one that can hear it, and it has the sensation of cotton stuck in your ear, say "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I cast all evil beings away now!" I would recommend saying it with passion and anger, and repeat it a couple times especially if it is your first time. Another way is to write it on a piece of paper and keep it with you. The written word need to be replaced every 24 hours. However, there are other ways to rebuke. This one is the one that I have seen work miracles, as I have friends on spiritual planes, I have to check to make sure that they are who they say they are every single time I talk to them. However my faith has strengthened over time, so I make sure to take precautions. Demons will look for any chance to lead someone astray down an unsafe pathway. They can take any form and are clever enough to trick anyone.

Stay safe, and prevent PTDs.



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Alkara (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-25)
Excalibur, I totally agree on that. I have used the Name of Jesus successfully in driving away demons and unwanted spirits. For example, about 13 years ago, my partner and I were sitting down on a bench in a park at night. This park was previously a WWII fort where the Japanese had invaded and fought with the British and local troops then. It was very dark and nobody else were around. We were seated for only a few minutes when we felt the presence of 3-4 dead Japanese soldiers standing in front of us. It must have been stupid for me to mention to my partner that I saw them because they followed me home! Anyway we left immediately as my partner felt them too. When I got home I want into the shower and those creepy guys were right there next to each other, just staring at me! So I rebuked them in the Name of Jesus to leave and they disappeared instantly and never came back again. There is power in the Name of Jesus but only if you believe it. They know it when you don't!

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