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Am I About To Use A Power?


Recently I have been practicing telekinesis and when I hold out my hand and focus on an object it starts to shake, my arm will then become very tired and it's hard for me to keep my arm out. I also finished playing a video game called life is strange where a 18 year old girl holds out her hand and rewinds and freezes time. One time I was playing that video game (life is strange) and tried holding out my hand and I imagined a clock ticking backwards, the result was my arm felt more and more heavy the longer I tried (so I stopped) So am I about to rewind time or use telekinesis or some other ability? And if so what ability could it be?

The feeling in my arm feels like if I were to lift 10 pound weights for 1 hour, but instead of it taking 1 hour of me lifting it takes 10-15 seconds to feel that way.

(1) Is this a sign that I need to absorb more energy? If so is there a quick way to absorb a lot of energy from something?

(2) Should I absorb energy from a plant or rocks/metals?

(3) What color energy should I take?

(4) what ability is this?

(5) are there any dangers from using an ability too often (like muscle decay or brain bleeds?).

(6) should I force myself to keep going and not stop even my arm starts getting tired?

(7) should I my half sister and birth mother who live in Florida?

(8) what ability could this be?

====side notes====

When I hold out my hand it feels tired, I'm not sure if I should

Keep holding it out or stop.

I also just turned 18 (same age as the character from the game)

I am homeschooled (unlike the girl in the game)

I'm a male (the character in the game is female)

I have a tulpa (who's female named Ashley)

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