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Spirit Soars!


Thank you all who have shared and I'm so grateful to learn of other experiences.

My Mom and I were very close, the best of friends, I loved her dearly and do love her dearly and miss her so very much even after all this time and it was 2/7/1996. She had an inoperable heart diagnosis. The last few days of her life she slipped into a coma. I was in total denial. Day after day, night after night (seemed like forever but it was about four days, I'd come in and hold her hand, do her nails, talk to her... I couldn't let go and I truly believe she was holding on for me.

It was a Tuesday night 9:45 pm. I was in the recliner next to her bed in the hospital. Something made me get up out of that chair... It was like a jolt and I held her in my arms. I said an Our Father and a Hail Mary then said to her: "Mom, I'm going to miss you BUT YOU HAVE TO GO!" It was like a light switched on... She opened her eyes and her spirit jumped through me like she bounced through my heart and out of there! I felt this piercing right through my heart and a joy that is indescribable to this day. It was a feeling of freedom of joy beyond words.

That night I went home and I had my kids with me, I walked in the house and said to my kids, do you smell those roses? They were like mumbling and tired but they did yes they too smelled the roses... After I put the kids to bed, I went into my room and sat on the bed and suddenly realized the smell of roses was a sign from St. Theresa that my Mom was in heaven and all was okay... The joy came over me again, incredible freedom from fear.

Turns out we had a statue in our hallway of a Saint who I thought was Saint Anne for years people would say who is that I'd be like oh that's Saint Anne, the Blessed Mother's Mom. I don't even know if Saint Anne is the Blessed Mother's Mom but anyway... Well the day of my Mom's funeral we had people back at the house and I shared my story about smelling the roses that night and my Mom's friends took a look at the statue and it was the Little Flower Saint Theresa in my hallway who I had prayed the novena too many times throughout my life and the night I needed it most, the Little Flower of St. Theresa came to me with the smell of roses to assure me of God's Great Love.

I feel so very fortunate to have had this experience. Love is always there, always has been, always will be... Peace to you.

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Ismael (26 posts)
4 years ago (2019-02-19)
Ms. Rochey,
I bag your pardon about my lach of language. The rose parfum that you smell was true, not necessary cath by spirits near you, in Philly, but anywhere as your Mom wished. This is a psychic phenomenon called "transport" as many we can see in scientific fiction movies. Spirits act on matter carryng objects or even moving objects, using the magnetic properties of matter. I hope to be understood. Regards.
Rochey (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-02-16)
Ismael, thank you for your comment. I wanted to share this experience because I wanted to understand what it is that happened to me. I have had "spiritual awakenings" twice in my life and that same joy and freedom is the feeling that I experienced that night.

My question is where did my Mom go that night, her spirit actually bounced out of her body into me or through me. That piercing of my heart had to be the electrical impulses that you speak of in your reply. I truly believe she took flight into the magnificence of the universe.

The other thing about the smell of roses, it was Feb and in Philly there are no roses anywhere to be found so that was an amazing gift to me.

The months following my Mom's passing, I had visions of Jesus, seeing through his eyes, as the God of the universe as me and my children (who were young at the time) the three of us, me in the middle, were holding hands as we all saw this vision of Jesus as I described above.

I appreciate your gifts, and your insight, means more than you will ever know. Thank you again for your comments.


Ismael (26 posts)
4 years ago (2019-02-07)
Hi Ms Rochey;
Thank you for share this lovely storie. I'm am spiritist and in my beleaves this smell of roses is more tham a sign from saints, but an proof that our conscious are not a simple joiness of cells and eletric impulses. We are spirits with immortal life and most of we have psychic abilities to see, hear or smell with the senses off our soul, or spirit, like you did. Clearly, your family spirits and enligthfull beens, that you call Saints, who are God's mensegers, they brougth to you the certain that your mom are in good hands, alive, and working to progress in spiritual life, as all of us were invited by Jesus to do. Thank you.

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