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New "strange Abilitiy"


If you read my other posts, it's obvious I make quite a bit of posts about my various abilities and the experiences around them, I am here once again to describe something I have experienced, or rather was told how to do.

I have had several experiences with this ability already along with many observations with it, Basically using my other ability which allows me to shake or manipulate etc etc, manifest all energy in a specific area. Along with helpful hints I was given back when I had a vision of a like of my future ability's along with other things. I can create "Energetic Portals", which basically allows energy to move almost instantly from Point A, to Point B, along with spirits. Such as I can absorb Solar Energy directly from a source instantly by creating one in the center of a star or sun. It also seems to send energy threw it by its self, along with Heat in the cases of the Sun.

I have noticed that this can be dangerous as well, I used it to scan someone a while ago that was being attacked by several entity's, and one sent void energy towards me using my own technique, (Ergh that hurt). I hope to put in some safe guards for situations like that in the future.

I don't got that much to say about it, because I haven't used it that much but the Energy will form into a portal to the point where you can see it if you can see energy that well, along with produce electric shocks if you put any body part in it or go through it. Too give an example I put my arm through it, and the part that didn't had more "Heat" to it, the section of my arm and hand that did felt pretty powerful electric energy along with coldness on the other side, potentially sending my astral body to the location? Or my energy to the point that I can feel what is on the other side?

I would appreciate any help, or tips on my "Strange Ability" because it's fairly unknown to me as of right now but I can feel as it has a lot of potential

Anyways! Before I let you go, let me explain one other thing I have developed. I can "Scan", "Channel" and do "Readings", but lately I found a way to basically scan, channel etc etc the past, no matter how long ago. I used to method to feel someones emotional state about a year ago along with several other things. I think it may be able to manipulate the past slightly because I can send some energy back and forth if I use my "energetic Portal" technique, (If you believe that the Past, Present, and Future happen at once "forever, and ever", like me)

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RockShan (guest)
7 years ago (2016-07-25)
[at] ISHTAR369, yes I have skype but I don't do calls due to living with my family. Add me at shanon.beck19
ISHTAR369 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-25)
Hi, I may be able to assist, however your energy is a little frazzled (understandably). I'm new to this site, but writing is epic. The back and forth is time consuming. Is there a way to skype?

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