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The Impression That I Leapt Through Time?


I don't know what happened to me or how to call it. It was a really bizarre feeling.

I wouldn't say it was a premonition or a precognition. Because at that moment I really thought it already happened. When it happened again in reality (later?), I had a peculiar impression: that someone has stopped the time since I saw that thing about to happen, then he repeated it.

What I saw was something quite useless. Someone posted a message on a forum at an exact hour 0:48 (maybe I dreamed of it?) I woke up after to check my phone (exactly like I saw it in my dream (?), but at that moment I thought that the time would change because it advanced since my last check). First, I was surprised, then shocked - it was still 0:48. I have thought that a lot of time has passed since then. Then I saw that the person of my "vision" posted on the forum the exact moment I woke up (and the exact thing of course) ?

It's so weird that I'm doubting it was a dream, I'm really thinking that it really happened? And that someone or something is messing with the time fabric, haha (i'm joking, that's just my impressions). But seriously, I've never had those kind of occurrences before. Sure, I'm very open in a spiritual level, and believing in energies and such powers. I sometimes talk about random things that my friends were thinking about without realizing. I meditate sometimes, and I have globally a very good instinct. But this is absolutely new to me. So I came here to search for answers, if someone has experienced something similar? Oh, and I'm 22.

Thanks a lot, and sorry if my english is bad or if I couldn't explain it very well.

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-01)
Hello Yuen,

If you ask me it's not really strange at all to peer into the future. The way I see it is that the future is already there waiting for us to be experienced. If you think about it for a moment, the only logical way for someone to know about something that hasn't happened yet is that is has indeed already happened but on a non-physical plane. You can go deep into all this, but basically what people psychically see about the future is the most likely future for a certain event. So yes, you can and you are allowed to peek into the future to a certain extend. And time doesn't really matter either, so for instance you can ask for something that will happen in 10 years from now. I experimented like that myself when it was all new to me.

I hope that helps a little.


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