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One Life Two Lives. A New Beginning


The morning of September 9,2013 I woke up from having a dream like others I have had, except this one felt unlike any of the others I was sweating confused and immediately told my then husband that I just dreamt that a lady named Gail wanted me to leave from there and take care of her husband and 2 kids. I can only remember somethings about this dream but know there is more I need or I want to remember! In my dream I was in a vehicle with her I was driving what in my dream was my son's vehicle a black Ford Explorer we wrecked and what should have killed us both we was standing outside the vehicle having the conversation about me moving away from my hometown and moving to where they lived because of the wreck she was dying. In my dream I told her no at first I couldn't just leave my husband to whom I just married the year before. And I had 3kids 2 still in school. I remember there was 3 numbers on a sign that was the highway. I found this odd because most of the highways in Maryland where I'm from are 2 numbers. She told me he was a good man and would take care of me and love me he was easy on the eyes (meaning he was nice looking) I told her if he had just lost her there would be no way he would even look my way or love me. He would be grieving for her. She told me he would love me. I argued that she assured me that he would she would make sure he did. I asked how would I know who he was. She told me I would just know. In December of 2013 I left my husband 8 days after I left I was in a bar when a guy walked up to order a drink I instantly was attracted to him and my first thought to myself was this him? He invited me to come sit at a table with him. I was reluctant because I had just got out of my marriage and I was just going to work on me and spend time with my kids. But for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off him I was afraid he was going to see me staring at him. So I took him up on his invite to sit with him. For the next 3 weeks that he was in town because he lived in Texas, I spent every night with him met his family that lived there in my hometown and his kids, 2 boys. He wanted me to come back with them because he was going to go home pack and move to Maryland. But I declined because I still had kids in school there. After the new year him and his boys went back home and I stayed in Maryland. I found myself missing him, I would call him almost every day. I told him I missed him and he asked me if he got me a plane ticket if I would come to Texas and help him out so we made plans for me to come for 3weeks. So January of 2014 I aboarded a plane to Texas after him picking me at the airport heading to his house we are almost to his house and I noticed the highway we was on had 3 numbers 385. His wife died in a vehicle accident on September 9th of 2013, 2 miles from where they lived on that highway, her name was Gail, and the vehicle she was driving was a black Ford Explorer. I need to talk about this dream but feel that people would think I'm out of my mind, crazy, or just out right lying about this. Because although I had this dream in Maryland in September of 2013 I didn't speak of this to anyone until about a year after I got to Texas and things started becoming apparent to me that the dream I had had was actually a person well rather a Mother and a Wife wanting to make sure her family was going to be taken care of after her death coming to me. But Why? We never knew each other. Even though her husband was born in Maryland same hometown I was from I never knew him. How did she find me and how did she know that I would agree to do what she was asking? Well I came to Texas only for 3weeks in January of 2014 to help a man to whom was only my friend to pack and move to Maryland, but here it is April of 2017 and I'm still in Texas because I liked it here and decided I wanted to stay and that man my friend is now my husband we will be married a year May 6th.

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-10)

I believe some ghost can randomly pick on someone and manipulate ones mind. You see I had a friend who said he was stalked by a ghost of a very old man who keeps telling things in his head which was very annoying to him and the old man never told him who he was, where he came from or at least tell his name. The old man can get inside my friends body and deliberately made his hands shiver or make him walk against his wishes. That his story.

I think Gail is a good spirit and felt very happy to read your story. I am psychic I can see people from after life. Good luck to you. 😁
Artismymind (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Hi Truthtobeknown

Had a similar experience with a friends mom, tho I turned down the offer to wed her daughter and agreed to help her with a relationship she would have in 3 months.

From what I make of your story and my experiences as a clairvoyant medium,

The car seen is laggit.

It often takes 7 months for a dead loved one to move on and rest. My dad after he died wanted my step mom to not cry and I relaid basic messages.

As for the future part, it is pre-written to an extent.

Automatic reactions, like how you react to thing's are certainties in the future, it's your personal stubborn self that makes it branch in different directions.

Congrats on finding a wonderful husband
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Dear Truthtobeknown,

I totally believe your story. At first you may have thought you're going crazy or just imagining things. Your experience didn't have to be an actual talk with the dead person but a vision and a message from God. It's easier to get a vision that has goes well with your knowledge so you would know that it is an important dream.

I hope your life changed for the better

paristata (1 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
Wow amazing story! Not really sure how to approach it, I think I'm in awe!

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