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Twin Problems


My identical twin sister and I both experience paranormal things-we both are able to hear and see things. When something happens to one of us, we would usually consult with the other. However, lately there has been one persistent 'thing' that seems to keep reappearing towards my sister. A month ago, my sister told me that she went out of the room late at night to use the restroom, and she said there was a dark figure by the doorway that was watching her. Normally, my sister and I ignore what we see and we don't want to communicate with any of them, because we do not know which are good or bad. Anyways, she walked right passed it and went to bed. She didn't tell me until two weeks after this event, and one evening, I was turning the corner from the kitchen to the hallway that led to our family and our bedrooms, and at the end of the hallway, I saw a dark figure standing there. It wasn't hard to miss because at the end of the hallway, my brother's room was open and light seeped out. When I realized what I was seeing it was gone; ever since that happened, whenever I walked through the hallway, I feel paranoid (like being watched), scared and anxious. For a good two weeks, I have felt these feelings and I told my sister about them. Now she is telling me that when she is alone in a room, the doors move- sometimes closing or opening on its own.

I pray with my family and pray again right before I sleep, but I don't think it's enough. Whatever it is, I don't know if it's still in our home or getting stronger?

Currently, I have not seen it, but the feelings walking through the hallway are still the same. Also, I believe that it could still be in our home or have been replaced by another 'thing'. My sister has said that she hasn't been sleeping well for over a week; she tells me that there is a black cloud that is above her when she wakes up. She told me that she was sleeping and woke up to a black cloud above her, on the ceiling; it had two white eyes that was watching her. She said that it was the early morning, and it felt like she couldn't breathe and that a voice said "baby, I'm going to take it". All of a sudden she said that she saw a bright white ball of light that came in the room, and that the 'thing' watching her, moved its eyes and saw that bright light and left our room.

Whatever it is, I don't know it truly left our home. I want to know how to keep my family, my home, and myself safe. Anyone experience these things? Or have any suggestions or tips about protecting oneself and home?

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