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Soldier Twin Flame Psychic Or Stress?


Recently about 4 months ago I think I met my twin flame. I had no idea these things where even possible I always knew I was an empath, and I could see auras. I always had a sixth sense of crap But I ignored it repressed it 4 months ago I met my twin flame well I thought he was a soul mate. I work with him hes a marine, I was suppose to be in the services my self. I have no mental illness. I been tested as a child.

Our connection was strong still IS strong. He got deployed too Somalia. Ever since he left I get stuff, I see numbers as in 7-7-7 11-11 recently 9-9-9 I know what they mean I look them up since I see them. I have a feeling he has known the whole time hell communicate too my in my mind I feel as if I want to go too a mental hospital

He's in war zone right now fighting, so I get his worries anxiety, stress levels and I see him fighting all the time. Well at night. When I'm lazying in bed in a relaxed mode then I hear clicking popping sounds. I need help. I want him okay hes married 3 kids, we kissed before he left but never actually hooked up since then my abilities come back hard, and fast hell talk too me in my mind and I FEEL INSANE. Help!?

I'm 30 years old I can hear things see things most don't but I'am not insane or mentally ill, as a child I was tested for amounts of times and stuff been in therapist office a lot nothing ever has sown up. I always been able too sense if a room is haunted, if a person is good, or everything. I want to know what I should do. How to handle all this?

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-02)
Dear cranberrykitten,

From what you are describing this man has a very strong connection to you. Also, do know this, evil beings can easily manipulate us into believing something we want strongly. Your disappearing abilities that come back so strong are a sign that something is very wrong in your spiritual life. I'd look for the answer as to what is happening and what is the root cause of it.

When it comes to the twinflame/soulmate issue, the question is, does he know of your feelings towards him? Until you confront this man, you won't truly know if all these experiences are true. I advice that you contact him and honestly talk with him.

What you should start doing from now on is to make sure that your mind calms down from all the thoughts and feelings you have in your head. Your story shows the signs that it brings you much worry and unrest as well. I just want you to be safe, that's all.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to the story or email me for a private conversation,


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