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Today, I finally started to be able to do something I've tried before but never been able to do. I controlled a candle flame in my bathroom. It was moving a lot, back and forth, flopping, and whenever I focused on it staying still, it would at least for a few seconds. I noticed if I don't have complete and full focus it won't work. If I'm just picturing it happened it usually doesn't work. One time I was trying today and it just kept flopping around so much and I stuck my hand up next to it and said "stop!" And it actually did. Only for like a second, but yeah. I notice as soon as I let my focus slip a bit it will go back moving. This is my first substance I've been able to control. I've tried it with water and air before but never got anything so I'm very excited. A lot of new things have been happening regarding my abilities lately. I know all my Chakras aren't balanced, it's about an equal balance to unbalanced but I know my third eye is very open. I'm afraid once I balance all my Chakras and make myself even more open to psychic messages I'm going to be overwhelmed. It was like that at first with seeing energy, but now I can control when I see it and when I don't (most of the time) something else I realized the other day, is that when someone has a flashlight (it was my boyfriend) now ex I guess... But anyways, he was twirling it around in different patterns, and whenever I closed my eyes I saw the exact pattern the light went in. All different twisties every time. I know I could see energy particles but I never thought about that. It was pretty cool.

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Noahgg13 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-19)
Hey! This candle phenomenon sounds to me like you could be starting to develop an ability of pyrokinesis, or controlling fire with your mind. There are many great videos on pyrokinesis, and the like on youtube. Jbittersweet has a video on pyrokinesis that is very good. Keep practicing, and you will get better! Balancing your chakras will actually help you grow in your journey through life...
Seeing energy in the air is awesome! If you also try to see auras, seeing energy in the air will help bring that natural ability forward.

(I'm not great at pyrokinesis yet, but I'm working on it.) 😁

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