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Candle Vision


I've been feeling like someone was trying to contact me. I've felt someone trying to contact me, lights flickering and I went down to my studio and one of the glasses I was working on was on its side and glitter was poured all over my desk. Things have been moved from where I've left them. I've felt strongly over the last few days that a message was trying to come through but I couldn't make out what the message was. The more I tried to understand it, the more jumbled the message became.

I turned off the lights and lit a candle and concentrated on the flame. I saw a skeleton hand reaching out. The hand split in two and became a bouquet of flowers. Felt a terrible pain in my head and saw my husband chasing my stepson and my stepson turning and shooting my husband in the head. What I saw was so real. I could hear my husband breathing hard and hear him chasing him. When he shot my husband, the pain in my head was horrible, like being stabbed through my eye and into my head.

I've had messages before and have felt things that would happen before but not this evil. I've passed on several messages that I didn't understand but the persons I have told, understood the messages immediately. My stepson is wanted by the police and we have been trying to find him.

When I saw this vision I was very scared by the evil feeling I felt and the pain in my head won't go away. Do you think what I saw was real or my fear of what could happen to my stepson? Any help would be so appreciated. Needless to say, I'm kind of freaking out

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