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Orbs Going Into My Stomach, Blue Figure, Throat Chakra, Ect


Tonight I was in my living room and was hearing a lot of creaks on the floor and then at the door, it was kind of scaring me so I asked my angels and spirit guide for protection, soon after my stomach started getting all tingly, a few moments after that I saw a blue ball of energy fly into my stomach! I just looked at orbs colors, it said blue was for calming and that it could indicate spirit guide. (Before blue orb incident) Another day I did something and didn't want my mom to find out, I thought of 33 because I see it a lot of its your angels, and I asked them for assistance in her not finding out, I was sitting on my could and across from me there's the wall and then the stairs, after I asked that and explained to them why I did it I saw a blue figure standing in my living room and then turn and walk up the stairs. When this happened I couldn't find anything on it so I'm thinking maybe it was my spirit guide because of what the blue orb said? This next thing was after the blue figure, but before the blue orb. I was in my living room and felt like someone was there, I usually get ringing in my ears a lot and that started happening, I had a weird feeling so I went up to my room. When I got in there my ears would not stop ringing, usually it's just the left ear but it was in my right this time too, then I got pressure in both ears on and off while the other rang and then a strange sensation in my throat, like it was being pushed on. I looked up the ringing after this was over and it said my clairaudience was developing, and it also said the throat chakra controls this which I thought explained the feeling in my throat, but I'm still hearing muffled but sometimes clear voices just not all the time. I took a chakra test and I have 3 unbalanced ones, the root, navel and throat, does anyone know any good ways to balance these out? It said my third eye is 62 percent so I think that's why so much is happening. When I first started seeing energy it was overwhelming so I'm hoping once I balance out my chakras it isn't too overwhleming then. Does anyone have any expierence with any of this

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-01)
The blue orbs are nature elements.

And the third eye works with all chakras but also has deals with creativity and creation. The 2nd chakra and the root. The 3rd eye works with our guides and connects with fifth Chakra.
So yes the coughing is clearing the fifth chakra.

I always use counter clock wise to clear and to fill I use clock wise.
To balance you can use the Butter technique.

Cleared chakras can be very sensitive.

Once you are balanced there is a 3 color rotation using red then blue and white. You rotate colors up and down the spine.
You have to look up the golden stove which is Buddhist to see the currents along the spine and how to place the tongue. It all helps lessen the effects of awakening and getting clogged up.

It you have a working relationship with guides and spirit they can come when you need assistance. It is good to be grateful and respectful. Important to keep ones ego in check.

Hope this helps
Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-29)
In order to balance your chakras, you need to meditate and visualize all seven of them every single day. Look up on YouTube seven chakra meditation videos. Or if not go to a website that relates to this topic.

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