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Clair's Developing Due To Reiki?


First of all, I'd like to apologize for this being so long.

About five, maybe six months ago, I started dating this guy, and for some reason, dating him really, and I mean REALLY kicked my spiritual awakening into gear. I had been slightly interested in the paranormal for a few years, mainly about me wondering if I was an Empath or not. Well, soon after I started dating this guy, I realized I could talk to him about my, at the time, slight interest in things, such as Empaths. Well, quite literally a couple days after that, I noticed that I could VERY easily tell when he was upset. I would get extremely dizzy, I would feel as if my energy was drained, I was in a terrible brain fog. Same thing would happen when I "knew" he was lying. I just knew it. I couldn't tell you why, but I did. Anywho, I started talking to one of my friends about it. He had told me that he thought that I was an Indigo child, or an Empath, at least, and that I should look into Reiki.

So, naturally, me being curious, I did indeed start to look into it. Everything just sorta...clicked? I knew that's what I wanted to do, that's what my "calling" was. I identified with being an Indigo as well. I started talking to my boyfriend at the time, and told him how I was interested in it. Well, soon after that, I really started to pick up on his constant lying, and his fickle emotions. So, naturally we went our separate ways. By no means was it neat, though. However, that is a completely different story. Anywho, for a couple of months I thought I'd still feel him "peeking in" on me, to see how I was doing. I almost thought I felt him just watching, even though I knew he wasn't. If that makes any sense. It felt like it was on another dimension, of sorts?

Fast forward a couple of months. I start to become more and more spacey. Again, I went to my friend who told me about Reiki, and he told me that I should look into some crystals to help ground me. A couple of weeks after that, I got a bracelet, and literally right when I put it on, I felt myself become much calmer. Like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Fast forward to last week. I finally took my Reiki Level I, after months of waiting. Great, very great. My teacher had told me I had several clair abilities. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairgognizance. She said I would have some moments with some others, but those were my main ones. I was stunned! I had no idea I would have so many! I will admit, I did sorta doubt it, especially since I kind of thought that after my attunement, I would just sorta... Click and have the abilities. But boy, was I wrong...

Today I had been in the store with my friend's mom (She has quite a few abilities herself) and as we were in line for checkout, I noticed a poster for missing people. For some reason, I just couldn't look away. Then I would "hear" (Not actually hear, but sorta hear? Kinda like when you're thinking to yourself, mixed with just KNOWING it was said" the words, "help me" from several of the people on the poster. I also felt immensely sad, and I almost started crying and was slightly shaking in the store. Once I got out to the car, I did in fact start crying. My friend's mom told me what had just happened, and how I was picking up on them. It was just so overwhelming, I couldn't believe it.

Also, lately, I have indeed started to see a veeeery slight, hmm, I'll call it, "clear aura" around people. I feel as if I am starting to be able to see auras, but it's just clear so far, almost static-y.

I have also had many moments where I can just straight up feel the emotions of other people, but I've had that in very light doses over the years, so that one I kind of knew I had, without evening knowing it.

But like, I guess my question is, as I continue to use Reiki and do self-reiki, will my abilities become stronger? Is there anything I can do to make them become stronger, or is that a natural thing that is going to happen without me having to try? And I have felt my body automatically grounding itself, like after the store today, but I can try to consciously ground myself as well.

Also, I'm not sure if this is really a big issue or not, but I don't seem to remember my dreams, practically at all. My friend's mom said that I did accidentally pop into her meditation, so, I suppose I'm astral projecting, but I'm just not aware of it? Anyway I can remember my dreams, or nah?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-11)
You sound like an empathy they are able to tune into their partner and feel it in the heart so to speak when there is a split.

When you are mentioning that you felt better after using a magnet bracket. You have just ID that grounding is what you needed.

As time progresses you will be able to identify if your body is automatically clearing or if it guides or elements is bringing about a feeling of grounding.

Growth can continue. The opening up will depend on your own innate abilities and how dedicated you are to being about awakening

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