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Developing Premonition/precognition Abilites


I do not even know where to start. Ever since last October, I have been laughing hysterically for no apparent reason. Sometimes these episodes will be so strong that my stomach starts to hurt after awhile due to all the laughter. During meditation, sometimes I will slip into what seems like a lucid dream at first. When a lucid dream occurs, at some point I will think to myself "I am in a dream." There has been a few occasions where I will believe that I am somewhere else, but I think that the incident is real instead of realizing that it is a dream. I thought I was in the back seat of a car with two other people who were possibly electricians. When this state occurred, I thought to myself "why am not in bed?"

The connection between this incident and my laughter is somewhat simple. I realized just recently what ignites these laughter episodes. Usually it some type of mental imagery involving me interacting with other people. The images are so vivid that a lot of the time I find myself responding to the questions or statements that the people in the image are making. Sometimes my hand gestures will resemble the thoughts that are going on in my head. If there are people around in waking reality, they will ask me who I am talking to or why am I talking to myself. I do not have any mental disorders or am on any medication whatsoever.

I understand that none of the experiences mentioned would indicate that I have had a premonition, but I am just wondering if the extreme vivid nature of my imagination and this "other" type of dream might be start of my intuition expanding or maybe I am developing some sort of new trait.

On a side note, the other day when I was thinking about my neighbor while brushing my teeth, he knocked on the door five minutes later. I am also seeing the number 59 a lot. I know that this type of thing is seen as just your subconscious singling a number out, but I have been seeing it too many times for this to be all in my head. As a type this story. I am seeing that the time is 6:59 A.M I often wonder if this number is indicative of me moving on to a "new" life so to speak. My father just died two months ago, and I am about to lose my childhood home. I started developing "abilities" before all of this happened, so I do not know what is going on anymore.

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