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A Spirit Watching Me


For the past couple of weeks since I had experiences regarding paralysis, I have noticed that I have been getting the feeling that I am being watched. There is always this air that is behind me. This happens at nighttime for the most part. The feeling of being watched has happened during the day, but to a much lesser extent. I have begun practicing the art of meditation. When I try to meditate, I always here the loud noises coming from the TV as if someone is try to move it. The TV is turned off. True, a person is more aware of noises while meditating, but this has happened multiple times. I only hear this sound when I meditate. I do not know what is going anymore. Are these things real, or is it just my subconscious making them seem as if this is all true due to my prior experiences? Am I just jumpy and being paranoid because night time is when the body sleeps. I could be afraid of sleeping due to fear of another evil spirit episode and that is why I think I feel something behind me at night, but it is actually nothing at all.

I am not "sensitive" by any means. I am just your average Joe who for some reason had an experience with an evil spirit. This seems to be real to be in my head though. It definitely feels like something is watching me. On a side not, My stomach has gotten physically sensitive to every food group. All I did today was eat chicken noodle soup, and my stomach feels a little upset. I have been having runny bowel movements for the past week and half. I know that was gross, but I had to explain things in detail.

I could be developing abilities of some kind, or I could be driving mentally incompetent. I do not know what is going with myself anymore. I was fine six months ago. It seems like my whole world is being turned upside down. I apologize if I come off as unauthentic. I do not know where to go. Everyone else I know thinks that I am stressed out, but I not. I hope I can figure all of this out one day.

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laurencat (8 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-30)
I think I figured out what is watching me. It is not a ghost. It could be my own energy. I noticed that I feel this energy when I am thinking intently, or if I am engaged in high energy within the room like moving around to music or in one of my extremely happy episodes due to subconscious being overly active. I am strongly introverted and sometimes when I imagine co-workers or friends in my head, I sometimes talk out loud instead of just keeping the thoughts in my head. I could just be feeling own aura to a small degree. Maybe I have some sort of ability, but it is underdeveloped.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-28)
Hi laurencat,

Having a ghost does not mean you have any psychic gift or that you are a medium. Although, if you can sense the ghost (have that feeling that something is watching you), you might have the psychic gift of clairsentience to some degree.
Ghosts look for something to feed off of so that they can survive. Ghosts feed on negative energy, so they sometimes try frightening you in order to get their "meal". So, from what I see, your possible ghost is trying to frighten you when you meditate with the television noises, making you feel like you are being watched and not in a good and comfortable way, and also having these things happen at nighttime to add more to the "fright". The more fear and negativity it can stir up, the "better" it feels and can survive. It's best not to give in to ghosts with fear and just stay away from them. You have your guardian angel (Archangel Michael) that you can call on at any time to protect you and send away ghosts to the other side where they won't bother you anymore.

Maybe this experience tells you that you can sense a ghosts here and there but now know how to deal with it in a different way? Don't let it stop you from meditating. Meditation is good for you. It's great for your health.

Most importantly, if you are still having stomach problems that won't go away after a while, please go see a doctor. The paranoid thinking as well might be anxiety (which can be connected to having high energy, so your energy might run really fast), or you're simply just a little frightened by the thought of something unseen around you. So if you are concerned about your mental, physical, and emotional health, please go see a doctor.

I hope everything goes well for you.
laurencat (8 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-28)
Thank you for your response gthlvrmx. I did the incantation. We will see what happens. I do not know why ghosts would visit me. I not a "sensitive" by any means. I do not know why I would sense a ghost or why one visit me. I cannot do anything to help it. No, I am not denying my abilities. If I do have any sort of spiritual skills, then I wish I knew what they were. This way I could actually put them to some use. That is why I started meditation in order to try and gain some deeper intuition to better understand who I am.

My life is changing significantly, and I believe that this change includes a "spiritual awakening." I do not know where to go. Most things I have read on "sensitive" people so far seem pretty logical. Most people have always known that they were different. Some people have relatives that were "sensitive."

I am none of those things. I did not go through any traumatic experience. I doubt getting your teeth pulled counts. I am heavily introverted and over think things. I do not deny that I had spiritual experience with sleep paralysis, but am I just being paranoid all the time, or am I the real deal? I cannot even answer that question. I do not want to become who thinks that every little oddity is some kind of psychic experience. I want to respect those with gifts and not be some sort of faker. The world already has plenty of those. This is the why the world has difficulty believing in the spirit realm already. I want to help people. I do not want to hurt the psychic community by telling all these stories. I probably should not have said anything and waited to see if I had any more "spiritual" things happen to me before I went looking for answer to something that might or might not apply to me.

Thank you for your time, and have nice night. I tend to write books to everything. It is a curse to a degree.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-28)
Hi laurencat,

It sounds like you have a ghost, not an evil spirit. Ghosts are just people who have died, who have not crossed over to the "other side". (there can also be animals who are ghosts)

The upset stomach feeling is your solar plexus trying to speed up to help aid in communication with the ghost. That's what happens when there's spirits and ghosts around sometimes, your solar plexus runs faster (your energy runs faster) so you might start feeling a feeling of "fear" or something like anxiety. The thing is, spirits (and I view Spirits as those who have crossed over to the other side, Heaven, whatever you want to call it) don't really cause harm to you. Ghosts on the other hand, can cause harm by taking your energy and making you ill. Ghosts can only survive by taking in energy from the living and the energy around them, which is why they can feel "cold" at times and make places feel cold. This doesn't mean all ghosts mean to be harmful or mean, it's just how it is with ghosts since they have not reconnected to 'Source' and gone through healing on the other side. Your stomach trouble might be coming from the ghost is what I am trying to say.

Look up Ama Nazra and try using her White Light Shields and both of her Michael Invocations. Do the shields everyday, or at least before meditating.

You can also ask your guardian angel to 'FIND' whatever you felt was watching you and to 'TAKE' it into healing. That might get rid of it.

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