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I had a peculiar "dream" a few nights ago. My room looked mostly the same, but there were these cats that somehow entered in from the doorway. They were tabby cats. These cats kept rubbing up against me, and they did not have any pupils in their eyes. At first, I thought my father let our cat in my room, but thought consciously, "why were there two cats?" Then the cats jumped by my dresser and disappeared. Suddenly, I "woke" up to check the time on my phone. I "fell" asleep right after I put my phone down. Some spirit was on my bed. She seemed sweet at first, but then her attitude turned sour. She also brought the evil clown that I was boxing in my closet in the previous "dream." I forgot to mention that after I finished fighting the clown, I thought I heard some weird vibration noises. I thought that the clown was regenerating his stamina or "health" video game style, but I wasn't playing a video game. Then I "wake" up again to check the time on my phone. I moved my body around to keep myself "awake" so that I would not slide back into a lucid "dream" state.

I fell "asleep" once more. This time, there were dogs showing up on my bed. I tried to push them away, but then I decided not to put up anymore resistance and hugged one. There should not have been space on my bed for me to sit in the spot I was in, but somehow I did not fall. I actually thought to myself, "I have got Cerebral Palsy, I cannot sit in the spot like this and not lose balance." The spirit that was in the previous "dream" as well as the evil clown were back again. The room seemed to be crowded, and I became rather frightened of what was happening. I consciously thought of asking my spirit guides for help. I kept chanting "help me spirit guides" a few times. No one came whatsoever. Then I consciously thought of who else to ask. I stumble on the words, but ask for help from my guardian angel. I then lost my conscious awareness of this whole experience. I hear an angel that looked like a stereotypical image from a movie ask me "what is it my child" in a high pitched voiced. A few images of a woman's face start flashing, and then I "woke" up again.

There is no way that this experience was created by my mind alone. I take this as a sign from the spirit realm of some sort.

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kyclie (3 stories) (29 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-07)

Well, to me it seems you did, in fact, call upon your guardian angel. Did the dreams seem very real to you? Were they lucid? Try researching more about your dreams and see if you can call upon the angel one more time. If you can, try to have a talk/conversation with them. If it works, congrats! Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Nothing is there to harm you except for your imagination

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